Vote Breakdown

  • There are 135 members in the Catalan parliament, thus 70 constitutes a majority.
  • Legislators from the opposition Socialists and Citizens party boycotted the vote.
  • Lawmakers from Mariano Rajoy's Popular party (PP) walked out after placing Spanish and Catalonia official flags in their empty seats.

Spain mulls dissolving Catalonia's parliament

Eyes now turn to Madrid for the central government's response.

The Spanish Senate is meeting on Friday to discuss the government's proposed takeover of the Catalan regional government on the grounds that it broke federal law. The measure would allow Madrid to dissolve Catalonia's parliament, depose Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont and take control of its police force.

The decision is expected at about midnight local time and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is seen likely to gain the votes to strip Catalonia of its autonomy within Spain.

Spain's Prime Minister Mariano called for calm in a tweet posted minutes after the Catalan parliament declared independence. "I ask for calm from all Spaniards. The rule of law will restore legality in Catalonia," Rajoy wrote.

Students in Barcelona Rally for Independence


Thousands of students rally in Barcelona outside the University of Barcelona and the headquarters of the government of Catalonia in support of Catalan independence and against plans by Spain's central government to curb the region's powers.

Rajoy's Next Move

Rajoy has the support he needs to demand a takeover of the Catalan government. But voting to do that and doing it are not the same thing.

Other than send in the troops, it remains to be seen how he expects to carry out his order.

Meanwhile, best wishes to Catalonia, the nation.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Catalonia Independence Parties in Lead for December 21 Election

Spain dissolved the Catalan Parliament following its declaration of independence. Separatists have lead latest polls.

Rajoy Slapped in the Face: Catalonia Elects Pro-Independence Speaker

Spain's prime minister Mariano Rajoy received a well-deserved slap in the face today. Independents again rule Catalonia.

Catalonia Vice President Says "No Choice" But Declare Independence

The crisis in Spain has reached the critical phase with neither Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy nor Catalan President Carles Puigdemont willing to back down. Article 155 takes effect on Friday with Spain taking over the Catalan government at that time. A declaration of independence may come first.

Rajoy Boxed In With Losing Options: Catalonia Suspends Independence Declaration

The Catalan parliament met Tuesday afternoon. Catalonia president Carles Puigdemont asked parliament to suspend the effects of Catalonia voting “yes” for independence to hold talks with Spain.

New Elections in Catalonia Coming: By Force or Peacefully?

In a letter to prime minister Mariano Rajoy, Catalan president Carles Puigdemont asks Spain to end “repression of the Catalan people”. Puigdemont still did not say whether or not Catalonia declared independence. Meanwhile, a prosecutor seeks to hold Catalan police chief in prison with no bail.

Catalonia Suffers 'Worst Attacks' Since Franco Dictatorship: Peaceful Resistance Coming Up

Catalan president Carles Puigdemont delivered a scathing response to Mariano Rajoy’s article 155 declaration. He accused Rajoy of the worst tactics since Franco. Even the Mayor of Barcelona, who does not want independence points a finger at Rajoy. Puigdemont pledges peaceful resistance.

Spain Gives Catalonia a 5-Day Warning: What Really Happened Yesterday? Majority Math Fake News

There's a lot of confusion over yesterday's announcement by Catalan president Carles Puigdemont. Did Puigdemont declare independence or not? Many are confused, especially in Madrid. Prime minister Mariano Rajoy gave Catalonia 5 days to clarify.

Catalonia President: “We Will Vote on Independence Whether Spain Likes it or Not”

Thousands have gathered at the gates of Catalonia’s judiciary body to demand the release of a dozen officials arrested in connection with an upcoming vote on independence.

Catalonia Coup D'etat: Major Test of Tyranny, Expect Tyranny to Win

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy invoked article 155 and will seize control of the Catalan government. Major news media hypocrites that supported violent insurrections in Ukraine, Egypt and other places, will not back a peaceful move towards self-determination in Catalonia.