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The Independent reports Carles Puigdemont Accuses Spanish Government of 'Worst Attacks' Since Franco Dictatorship.

“What we decide through voting is to be wiped out by the government in their offices,” said Puigdemont. The Catalan parliament will hold an emergency session on “this attempt to destroy our autonomous government, our democracy”.

Widely believed rumors suggest the Catalan parliament will announce independence as soon as the Spanish Senate approves Rajoy's Article 155 declaration.

Rajoy's heavy handed tactics backfired.

“There could have been dialogue, instead we’ve got state intervention,” said Barcelona mayor Ada Colau. She did not back independence.

Carme Forcadell, president of the Catalan parliament, described Mr Rajoy’s measures as “a de facto coup d’etat”. Forcadell is of course correct.

Easily Answered Question

ABC news asks Will the Spanish Government's Tactics Drive People to the Pro-Independence Movement?

We already know the answer to that question: Yes, it did.

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"Each step the Spanish Government is doing it turns more people to independence," says Elena Jimenez from Omnium Cultura, one of Catalonia's big pro-independence cultural organisations.

ABC News repeated the stale news we have heard so many times before: "Until this crisis erupted, polls showed about 70 per cent of Catalans wanted to vote in an independence referendum. But only 41 per cent were actually in favour of cutting ties with Spain.:

As with the Wall Street Journal yesterday, and at least a dozen other mainstream media references, no one bothered to link to the "recent poll" or even state the date of that poll.

Here's the deal: An actual vote, in which 92% voted for independence, supersedes any poll.

Real Questions

The "real question" is not whether or not government tactics backfired, but rather these:

  1. How will Madrid respond when the Catalonia parliament ignores Rajoy.
  2. How will Madrid respond when Catalans peacefully resist?
  3. What happens if Madrid forces a vote and the independence seekers win an even larger majority?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock