CNN is back at it again today. This time it accuses trump of making Three Errors in One Tweet.

Ironically, CNN makes at least one huge error in its analysis of Trump's alleged errors.

Trump's Tweet

Alleged Errors

  1. Trump says that "the Democrats" have spent "millions of dollars" and "wasted" thousands of hours in an attempt to prove he colluded with the Russians during the 2016 campaign.
  2. Trump says no collusion with Russia has been shown.
  3. Trump has said he doesn't know and has never met the women accusing him of sexual harassment.

Claim 1 Analysis

CNN claims number 1 is false based on the notion that "Democrats don't control the Justice Department or the House and Senate. These investigations are all being led by either Republican appointees or Republican elected officials."

However, there are other ways to waste time and spend millions. Without a doubt, thousands of hours have been wasted if doing nothing more than rebutting absurd claims by Democrats.

I rate point number one as true.


Claim 3 Analysis

CNN says claim number three is provably false.

Summer Zervos, one of the accusers, was a contestant on the fifth season of "The Apprentice." Trump, obviously, met her. In fact, he's said he did! "I vaguely remember Ms. Zervos as one of the many contestants on The Apprentice over the years," Trump said.

I will give CNN credit for this one although it's entirely possible Trump forgot about Zervos and almost anyone else he met.

Claim 2 Analysis

This one is amusing. CNN states "Trump has repeatedly insisted that there is no collusion. Which might well be true!"

Say what?

CNN says there Trump made three false claims, one of which "might be true" but is undeniably true the way Trump phased it.


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