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CNN Wins the Blue Ribbon for the Most Idiotic Political Opinion of the Month

Let's dive into a CNN opinion piece regarding Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg.
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VP Harris Downplays

Dream Team?

Please consider the CNN article Harris and Buttigieg Could be Allies Instead of Rivals.

A primary campaign between Harris and Buttigieg could pit two key Democratic constituencies against each other: African Americans, particularly African American women, and LGBTQ voters. The impact of that fight would be even worse if it began in 2023 and took over the second half of Biden's current term.

Fortunately, this is a problem that can be easily solved without either politician having to give up anything lasting. Harris and Buttigieg instead could agree that, if Biden does not run again, they would run together in 2024, with Harris the nominee for president and Buttigieg for vice-president. This could put an end to whatever feuding exists between them now, while giving the Democratic Party a very strong ticket in 2024 that would seem like a natural continuation of Biden's first term.

A Harris-Buttigieg ticket would showcase two dynamic politicians and represent the breadth and diversity of the Democratic Party, and indeed the whole country, while not veering too far left and alienating key swing voters who Biden won in 2020.

A Harris-Buttigieg ticket would also have a fair amount of star power. Although Harris did very poorly when she ran for president in 2020, we have seen glimpses of what she can be, including the first presidential debate of the primary season when she landed some very effective attacks on Biden.

Not Veering Too Far Left? Star Power?

Harris not only did so poorly in 2020 that she had to drop out, she is polling terribly now.

Kamala Harris Polls

Woke Madness 

I am wondering what planet CNN is on while making this claim: "while not veering too far left and alienating key swing voters who Biden won in 2020."

Harris is associated with extremely unpopular woke education policies that cost Democrats the Virginia gubernatorial election and nearly the New Jersey election as well.

Harris was never popular with Blacks so why would she suddenly gain popularity now?

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Biden gave her a Mexican border assignment and she blew it badly.

CNN believes none of this will alienate independents and swing voters. 

Dream Team For Whom?

Perhaps this would be a "dream team". Not for the Democrats of course, but rather for the easiest team for Republicans to beat in 2024.

For their analysis, I award CNN the Blue Ribbon for the Most Idiotic Political Opinion of the Month.

The month isn't quite over yet, but I am declaring a winner now.

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