Democrats Favored to Win the Senate


Jessica Taylor a political analyst says Democrats are a slight favorite to win the Senate.

Democrats Are the Odds-On Favorite

That has been my position for weeks. 

Almost 100 Days Out, Democrats Are Favored to Take Back the Senate

Please consider Almost 100 Days Out, Democrats Are Favored to Take Back the Senate by Jessica Taylor.

“Something remarkable would have to happen for Republicans to still have control of the Senate after November,” remarked one GOP pollster. “It’s grim. There’s just so many places where Democrats either have the upper hand or are competitive in states that six months ago we wouldn’t have considered at risk.”

“If you’re an incumbent in a bad environment sitting at 44 percent, you should be pretty damn scared,” another alarmed Republican strategist said. “The expanding map has made it really hard, and there’s just a lot of Democratic momentum right now."

By looking at the numbers, the battleground becomes clear — Arizona is falling down the list for the GOP to defend, and Colorado is threatening to. If the election were today, Arizona, Colorado and North Carolina stand as the most vulnerable, closely followed by Maine. That leaves what Republicans see as the tipping point states of Montana, Iowa and Georgia. But they have other states they have to watch and worry about, including Kansas, Texas, and even Alaska and South Carolina. 

The bottom line is that even Republicans believe Michigan is gone for Trump, and even if James might be able to overperform the president, especially in the Detroit suburbs, polls don’t show it’s enough, so it remains in Lean Democratic. 

Let's turn to the polls to see what influenced Cook Political.

Senate Polls Released July 14 Through July 26

Senate Polls Released July 14 Through July 26

The above polls from FiveThirtyEight Senate Polls. I removed polls sponsored by political parties or PACs.

Republicans in Danger of Losing the Senate

On June 12, I wrote Republicans in Danger of Losing the Senate.

Trump's mishandled Covid-19 and the George Floyd riots so badly that a red backlash may cost Republicans the Senate.

The map I posted at the time had Democrats ahead 47-43 with the rest tossups. Here is my map for reference. 

Mish's Senate Map on June 12, 2020

Note that I already had Minnesota in the solid Democrat category. I had some states as tossups because there were no polls.

My Tweet at the Time

My Senate Map July 26, 2020

Mish's Senate Map July 26, 2020

I created the above map on 270-to-Win. 

That link will take you to my interactive map that you can modify. 

What Will It Take to Flip the Senate?

Assuming Democrats win the presidential election 50 seats is enough. The Vice president will get a tie-breaking vote. 

To win a 50-50 tie, Democrats need to win 1 of 4 of NC, GA, IA, or MT. 

I have Colorado in the likely Democrat camp whereas Cook says "Arizona is falling down the list for the GOP to defend, and Colorado is threatening to."

Colorado Threatening?

There are no recent Colorado Polls, but the latest 4 polls have Democrat Hickenlooper over Gardner by +11, +18, +17. 

The most recent poll (June 29-30) was Hickenlooper +11.

If you wish to call Colorado and North Carolina tossups, the Democrats need 2 of 5 of  NC, GA, IA, CO, or MT. 

If you wish to add Maine to the tossup list as well, then the Democrats need 3 of 6 of NC, GA, IA, CO, ME, or MT. 

The problem for Trump is that even if you label all of those as tossups, Democrats have a reasonable lead in NC, CO, and ME with the others genuine tossups.

What About Iowa?

FiveThirtyEight has Democrat Greenfield over Republican Ernst by 2 or 3 percentage points in five consecutive Iowa Polls in June or later, with the most recent in July.

I call that a tossup.


In an election in which it is increasingly likely Trump gets slaughtered, holding on to leads in three close Senate states out of six (or two of them and flipping a third elsewhere), is an odds-on bet.

An outright Democrat majority of 53-47 is possible, albeit unlikely, at the moment.

My base case now is Democrats win 50 or 51. 

50 will do it but with that slim of a majority it will be tough to get much done, especially if Collins holds on in Maine.

Whatever the outcome, there will be only one person to blame: Trump. 

Trump Will Lose to Biden

For analysis of why Trump will lose to Biden, please see Only 13 Percent of Voters are Still Undecided


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Terrible news. The desired outcome would be Biden with a Republic Senate. Gridlock is the best we can hope for.

Captain Ahab
Captain Ahab

If true, and you have not shifted your portfolio to 80+ percent gold, you need to move fast. As the probability of a Democrat 3-way increases, the bottom will fall out of the market. The Fed will be irrelevant.


I can't identify with either party anymore. The people that make me laugh are ones like my far right hillbilly bob neighbors that claim it's the end of the world if dems get in. Asides from the left lunacy, my position is that if you think you're going to keep dems out from now till the end of time you're an idiot. If it's actually to that point it's already swung too far and you've already lost. Period. I'd assume they get it now and deal with it. I won't be voting in this election, just like the last go round. All these bastards are 100% worthless and there's no way this country is going to settle down when were split down the middle and 'the enemy' takes control every other election. Good times ahead lmao.


If the Republicans lose the Senate it will not be President Trump's fault. Rather it will be the fault of the Republican members of Congress who were unwilling to challenge his style of threats, bullying and random actions with no clear strategy.


Smiling Cory®—who wants to gut Medicare and your Social Security—is not going to stay in office in Colorado.


Trump really has 2 viable options to stay in power,1 war or 2 start cutting checks lots of them,and no not to the banks,not to WS,not to the MIC,but directly to voters.Hundreds of trillions (maybe quadrillions)has been pumped into WS banks since 09,while Main Street collapses,Obama didn't give 2 chits,he was gettin paid,but i think Mr T sincerely cares about this country and the people!


What you say may be true, but the average voter is no historian and many have truly simple minds with astonishingly short attention spans and very little memory. Their motto is what have you done for me lately?


The Democrats can legitimately win 40 states now in the Presidential election. Trump is turning once surely red states into swing states. I thought this would happen in 2024 anyway given the demographics of states like Texas. The Republican party really lost it's way over the last two decades. To let an outsider like Trump hijack the party was one thing but to embrace it as a winning strategy is another. The Russians aren't done yet with 2020 and will be a factor imo. There is no way Putin doesnt put his entire hacking apparatus behind Trump and the Republicans to sow more discord.


I’m still undecided. It doesn’t help that Democrats and Republicans just hurl insults at one another nonstop. Every accusation has to be taken with a grain of salt.

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