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Democrats Stage a Fake White Racist Rally in Virginia Hoping to Hurt Glenn Youngkin

Project Lincoln and Democrat supporters of Mayoral candidate Terry McAuliffe got caught red-handed posing as neo-Nazis and White Racists for Youngkin.
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Fake Rally Backfires on Project Lincoln

MSNBC Takes the Bait 

"The people who most vocally claim to be worried about disinformation and Fake News -- to the point that they want to censor the internet in its name -- are, by far, the most aggressive and prolific disseminators of disinformation and Fake News. Always. Dems & corporate outlets," says Glenn Greenwald.

Project Lincoln Involved

There are counter rumors that Project Lincoln fessed up to the incident to help save and take the heat off McAuliffe.

Another Person Caught

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The whole thing is inexcusable and has now backfired on McAuliffe.

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