New Tactic 

The Wall Street Journal reports Trump Campaign Launches New Tactic in Legal Fight to Contest Election Results

The Trump campaign and its allies unveiled a new tactic to contest election vote counts, suing to stop state officials from finalizing results due to fraud allegations in Michigan and limits imposed on poll observers in Pennsylvania.

Judges likely would be reluctant to take the rare step of blocking final vote counts without seeing substantial evidence of fraud or irregularities widespread enough to change the election, legal analysts said. 

President-elect Joe Biden was declared the winner by the Associated Press in Michigan and Pennsylvania by margins that election-law experts say would be difficult to overcome in court. In Michigan, Mr. Biden’s lead was 146,000 votes with 99% counted, and in Pennsylvania it was over 45,000 votes with 99% counted.

Alleged fraud that affects fewer votes than the difference between the two candidates is a nonstarter, said Barry Richard, the lead counsel to former President Bush in 2000.

“The law on fraud is very simple,” he said. “You walk into court and have to bring in evidence that there was fraud or voting irregularities, and you must show that it could change the election.”

Separately, a group of 10 Republican state attorneys general filed an amicus brief on Monday supporting Pennsylvania Republicans in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse the state’s three-day extension for receiving mail-in ballots.

Beyond Lame


Trump is behind by 45,000 votes even if late ballots are discarded.

This is one act of desperation after another after another, with no credible evidence remotely close to what is required.

More Delusion

It's scary that a huge number of people actually believe these things.