Doug Jones received 49.92 percent of the vote, and Moore received 48.38 percent, but Roy Moore Isn't Conceding.

Moore wants a recount, and he can have one, provided he pays for it himself.

The loss of a Senate seat cuts the Republican lead to 51-49.

Trump, who openly supported Moore, congratulated Jones.


Jones will not be seated until next year. If Republicans do not reconcile differences by the time the tax bill comes to vote, it may not pass.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Evangelical Values: Moore dated Teenagers for their "Purity"

The defense of Ray Moore by the far right gets more absurd by the day, as does the amazing hypocisy of his defenders.

Voting for Pedophiles OK "If They're Republican"

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey will vote for Roy Moore, despite numerous sexual misconduct charges. The reason: "He's Republican"

Franken Resigns from Senate will "Continue to be a Champion for Women"

Following a series of sexual misconduct charges, Minnesota Senator Al Franken resigned from the US Senate.

Russia Meddling "Act of War", Michael Moore Trapped, CIA Admissions

Idiotic comments regarding "Russia's act of war" against the US for meddling in the Us election has reached consensus.

Georgia Election: Black Votes Won the Day

Georgia had a record turnout for a special election. Overwhelming black support carried both Democratic Senate candidates to victory.

Michael Moore Flashback: In Praise of Venezuela

"Oil for the People": Michael Moore is in praise of Chavez ending poverty in Venezuela.

Steen Jakobsen Italian Election Forecast: Two Winners

Saxo Bank CIO Steen Jakobsen thinks there will be two winners in tomorrow's election: Five Star and the Northern League.

Merkel Backs New German Elections: Procedures Dictate Spring 2018

Angela Merkel backed new elections after coalition talks collapsed. Procedures suggest elections in Spring of 2018.