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First of Many

In the first of many cancellations to come PGA will strip Trump Bedminster of 2022 PGA Championship.

The PGA of America will strip Donald Trump of the 2022 PGA Championship, which is scheduled to be held at Trump National Bedminster golf club in New Jersey.

In a blistering column that says the golf world must sever all ties with Trump, Golfweek’s Eamon Lynch said the PGA has been debating for two years the need to move the major championship and, once Trump is out of office, will announce the tournament will be played elsewhere.

Golfweek Column Excerpts

When historians eventually tally the cost of the Donald Trump era, the manifold indecencies of which culminated in Wednesday’s sacking of the United States Capitol during a failed insurrection, golf will not be counted among its casualties.

The game will instead be portrayed as Trump’s refuge, something he did while ignoring a pandemic that has claimed 365,000 lives, refusing to acknowledge a resounding electoral defeat, and inciting feeble-minded fascists to violence that left five people dead at the opposite end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

That’s the best case scenario.

Whatever the future holds for Donald Trump after the noon hour on January 20, the events of January 6 that left five people dead ought to make him a pariah everywhere. Including in golf. This game should not be the familiar bosom to which he can safely retreat while fending off indictments. He is finally and deservedly being expelled from civic life. He needs to be driven from golf, too.

Are You Willing to Die For Trump?

Arizona Republiucan Party2

Flashback December 8, 2020. I asked Are You Willing to Die For Trump?

Ashli Babbitt Was

Here is The Sorry Saga of Ashli Babbitt Shot in the Capitol

Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed in the capitol building riots. Trump supporters are appalled.  Why should they be? 

1776 All Over Again

  • “Nothing will stop us....they can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours....dark to light!” Babbitt tweeted the day before she died.
  • In another tweet, she called for Vice President Pence to resign and to be prosecuted for treason, presumably for not being supportive enough of Trump’s calls to overturn the election.
  • In the days before the shooting, Babbitt retweeted a number of messages from demonstrators headed to D.C. for the protests on Wednesday. One read: “It will be 1776 all over again.... only bigger and better.”

The above from Chaotic Moments in the Capitol

If Babbitt was Antifa, Trump cultists would be cheering her death. 

Question of the Day: Do we or don't we use force against domestic terrorists breaking into the Capitol?

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Placing the Blame

  1. Start with the perpetrators who broke into the capitol. Of course, that includes Ashli Babbitt.
  2. Second, blame Trump for promising a "wild" January 6.
  3. Third, blame people like Rudy Giuliani and others who encouraged others to break the law then stood like goons on the sidelines letting others do their dirty work.

Regarding the "others" in point three, we can safely add @Ali, #StopTheSteal, and @AZGop to the list of those encouraging a fight. 

Be There, Be Wild

Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!” That was one of several Trump Tweets on December 19 promoting the day.

Yes, Mr. President, it was "wild". Are you happy?

Shunned Like a Pariah

Trump is now shunned like the pariah he is. 

This announcement by Golfweek is as welcome as it was predictable

Trump is Now Toxic

Recall my comment on January 8: Trump is Now Toxic.

Trump's legacy is sealed. He will be viewed as the anarchist holding the match.

All that's left for Trump is a pile of lawsuits, some of which might put him in prison.

Diehard Cultists

On Twitter, someone replied that my comments "will not age well." 

Such is the belief of diehard cultists who believe they are still standing on the deck of the "Good Ship Trump".

There is no ship left. It has sunk. The ship that once existed was mostly made of rotten, worm-infested wood. Praise its demise.