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Amusing Public Policy Poll

Here's an amusing Public Policy Poll on president Trump and Joe Biden.

Key Points on Trump

  • 60% of New Yorkers say they’re ashamed that Donald Trump is from New York, compared to 30% who say they’re proud of the fact
  • Only 22% want Trump to claim New York as his home, compared to 53% who want him to just claim Florida as his home.
  • 47% of Floridians say they’re ashamed he lives in the state compared to 42% who say they’re proud. Just 37% want him to claim Florida as his home vs 47% who would prefer he stick to being a New Yorker.
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Key Points on Biden

  • 56% of Delawareans are proud that Delaware is Biden's his home state vs just 28% who say they’re ashamed. 
  • New Yorkers wish they could claim Biden as one of their own rather than Trump. 51% say they’d rather Biden was from New York, compared to just 28% who prefer Trump being from New York.


Biden has a modest sized lead over Trump in Florida at 48-44. He has clearer leads in Delaware (58-37) and New York (63-32).

That represents a 10 point improvement for Biden relative to Hillary Clinton’s margin in Delaware and a 9 point improvement compared to her performance in New York.