Georgia polls added today


Very interesting polls added today at 538 by Civiqs (B/C rated pollsters) the special election known as a jungle election because anyone can run has always been assumed will go to a runoff between Kelly Loeffler and the top vote getting democrat because nobody will get over 50%. But polls out today show that the republican Collins is blowing away the deeply unpopular Loeffler who is mired in scandal related to the sale of stocks based on insider information following a Covid briefing given to senators that was not made public for some time.

The polls today show Warnock the democrat at 51% and so there would be no runoff, he would simply win the seat.

In a heads up race between he and Collins he gets 51% to Collin's 42%, and heads up between Warnock and Loeffler he gets 51% against Loeffler's 37%.

But, to make it REALLY interesting the democrat running for the other seat, Jon Ossoff is now showing a solid lead against the GOP incumbent Perdue. 51% to 45% which is well outside the margin of error.

I know people will defend their party based on wishful thinking and the fact that polls can be wrong, but overall you all know they usually are not wrong, and denial is purely whistling past the graveyard.

If these polls are right and there is a good chance they are, then BOTH Georgia senate seats will go democrat, and with them most likely the state for Biden, and that would be the very last nail in Trump's coffin, he cannot win if he loses a large (16 electoral votes) state that he got in 2016. And with 6 days to go after today it looks more and more like he will not win in Georgia.

Just to show you how rough it is going for the GOP in the south Hyde-Smith of Mississippi is beating the dem Espy, but only by 8 points when in any normal year the GOP senate candidate would be ahead by at least 20 if not 25% at this point.

Here in this county as of 8 minutes ago early voting now has seen:


Just under 49% of all eligible voters have already voted. If the votes are actually counted this will be bad news for Trump in Florida because while the GOP will still carry locally it will not be enough for the 60 or so rural counties to overcome the numeric superiority of the urban blue regions of the state. They have to crush it in the rural areas in order to get to the 50% mark. They are failing at this, as I say IF THE VOTES GET COUNTED.