Trump Inquiry Coming Up

Adding to Trump's many woes, the Atlanta Prosecutors Move Closer to Trump Inquiry

Prosecutors in Georgia appear increasingly likely to open a criminal investigation of President Trump over his attempts to overturn the results of the state’s 2020 election, an inquiry into offenses that would be beyond his federal pardon power.

The new Fulton County district attorney, Fani Willis, is already weighing whether to proceed, and among the options she is considering is the hiring of a special assistant from outside to oversee the investigation, according to people familiar with her office’s deliberations. 

At the same time, David Worley, the lone Democrat on Georgia’s five-member election board, said this week that he would ask the board to make a referral to the Fulton County district attorney by next month. Among the matters he will ask prosecutors to investigate is a phone call Mr. Trump made in which he pressured Georgia’s secretary of state to overturn the state’s election results.

Some veteran Georgia prosecutors said they believed Mr. Trump had clearly violated state law.

Clear Attempt to Commit Election Fraud

If you took the fact out that he is the president of the United States and look at the conduct of the call, it tracks the communication you might see in any drug case or organized crime case,” said Michael J. Moore, the former United States attorney for the Middle District of Georgia. “It’s full of threatening undertone and strong-arm tactics.”

He said he believed there had been “a clear attempt to influence the conduct of the secretary of state, and to commit election fraud, or to solicit the commission of election fraud.”

Three Crimes

George Washington University law professor, John F. Banzhaf III, notes three possible crimes.

  1. Criminal solicitation to commit election fraud, which can be either a felony or a misdemeanor.
  2. A related conspiracy charge, which can be prosecuted either as a misdemeanor or a felony. 
  3. A third law, a misdemeanor offense, bars “intentional interference” with another person’s “performance of election duties.”

Futon County Prosecution

The prosecution would happen in Atlanta, part of Fulton County.

This is not Trump-friendly territory.

And given that it is a state-level offense, Trump cannot escape by resigning and having Pence pardon him. 


Trump's Phone Call

  • “I just want to find 11,780 votes” 
  • “There’s nothing wrong with saying that, you know, um, that you’ve recalculated.”

Trump is about to find out there is something very wrong with proposing a  "recalculation".

For details please see Trump Sues Georgia Sec of State Over Leaked Phone Call.

If Hillary or any Democrat did anything similar to those phone calls, the Trump hypocrites would howl so loud they could be heard all the way to Pluto. 

Manhattan Prosecution

Note that Trump is already facing a criminal fraud inquiry into his finances by the Manhattan district attorney

Difficult to Run When Behind Bars

Every step of the way Trump's legal team was a mess. 

Trump should not have been on that phone call, there are no grounds to sue over a leaked call, and Trump's legal team lost every court battle.

It will be hard to run for President when you are behind bars. That of course assumes Trump is not convicted by the Senate in his impeachment trial, and don't count on that either.

The "Law and Order" president may soon make that claim behind bars.


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