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Greenwald Criticized Biden, The Intercept Said No, Greenwald Quit

Founding Flashback

Greenwald did an amazing job on the Edward Snowden story. His initial reporting at The Intercept was top notch.

Unfortunately, The Intercept quickly morphed into a radical left Progressive and anti-US rag I found intolerable. 

What Happened Recently?

Greenwald wanted to cover more of the Hunter Biden story and The Intercept said no. We only have one side of the story so I won't comment on that aspect. 

The uncensored article, posted at his new site, is not radical left. It poked holes at Biden. 

Greenwald asked questions and demanded answers. 

We would all like to demand answers but we won't get them. 

I have yet gotten a response from Trump, the Fed, or even Paul Krugman. But the point is, I get to ask the questions.

Reporting Bias

Is there reporting bias?

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Sure. It exists at the WSJ, Fox News, the Washington Post, The Intercept, and yes at the Mish website. It is impossible to be perfectly unbiased unless you are a rock. 

I write what I want. He wants to write what he wants, but can't. So he left. And there's his article above if you want to read it.

Greenwald has questions. So do I.

  1. Why is all this Hunter Biden stuff drip-fed piecemeal to the media?
  2. If this stuff is so damning then why is Rudy Giuliani,  the Trump campaign, Tucker Carlson, etc., etc holding on to the laptop while 80 million people vote?
  3. What the hell are they hiding?
  4. Is there something on the drive that vindicates Joe Biden?

Release the damn thing. And if you don't, biases will kick in from the right on presumed guilt, and from the left on presumed innocence. 

Greenwald comments on the need to see "documents in the public interest". 

On that score I agree, and that was the basis of the Edward Snowden release.

So where the hell is the hard drive? 

If you don't release it, pardon me for being skeptical about the "bombshells" allegedly on it. 

Also pardon me for questioning the context of what has been purposely released, drip by drip, by persons of dubious integrity with a known axe to grind.  

I keep returning to the same place: If there was any solid evidence of anything on that laptop, it would have been released long ago

So, why wasn't it?