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Simple TCS Test

  1. Stand in front of a mirror, in good light, and open your eyes. If you are legally blind skip to step 2.
  2. Ask the person you see (yourself, if legally blind) two questions: Do you believe Trump won the Election? Do you believe Trump should have won the Texas Supreme Court case?
  3. If you answered yes to either of the above questions, you are indeed afflicted.

How Bad is Your Case?

Notice the operative word "should".

If you thought Trump lost the election but could realistically win the Supreme Court case, that's a nasty case of Trump Paranoia Syndrome (TPS), not TCS. 

If you thought Trump won the election and should have won the Supreme Court case, your TCS affliction is both severe and not curable.

TPS is curable. The first step is to stop reading garbage from The Epoch Times, Judicial Watch, One America Network, and other similar sources. 

If that does not help, stop reading political garbage from the Washington Post, New York Times, etc., as well. 

Finally, you may need to give up Twitter, Facebook and and Social Media. 

What About Sleepy Joe Syndrome?

Inquiring minds may be wondering if there is a simple test for Sleepy Joe Syndrome (SJS).

Unlike Trump, Biden does not have much of a cult following. SJS is more subtle. But many millions are sleepwalking through events right along with Joe. Don't be one of them.

I pledge to develop an SJS test soon. 

Meanwhile Let's Review Some Notes 

Martian Moon Pies

OJ Comparison

Kraken Note

Lighten Up, Powell's On It

Fake News

Note on Rudy's Slaughtermeter

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Rudy's Killing It

What Makes You Think the Supreme Court Will Take the Cases?

Headed for Supreme Court then State Legislatures

State Courts in Pockets of Marxist Democrats

What a hoot. Two appeals courts with Republican-nominated justices blasted Trump.

Question on Dates

One Last Fleecing of the Flock

The Delusion Continues

Note on Trump's Legacy

Note on the Main Course

The main course was just served. 

Yet Another Delusional Note: Never Over

Where We Are Now

That's an accurate assessment of where we are. 

Yet for some, it will not be over even if Trump is put in prison for tax fraud. 

Trump will break out of jail donning his superman outfit and fly right back into the White House.

That folks, is TCS in its most extreme form.

Stay Tuned

Please stay tuned for my Sleepy Joe Syndrome test.

There will soon be an overwhelming need.