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Biden Will Become the 46th Commander in Chief

The Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Pentagon body comprising the military’s top generals, issued a memo to the entire U.S. military on Tuesday condemning the Capitol riot and confirming Joe Biden will become the 46th commander in chief of the armed forces on Jan. 20,” the Washington Post reports.

Direct Assault on Congress

Never before has the Joint Chiefs of Staff felt the need to confirm who the next president will be, to protect and defending the Constitution “against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

That is an enormous and well deserved slap in the face to President Trump.

Be There, Be Wild

Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!” That was one of several Trump Tweets on December 19 promoting the day.

All Enemies Foreign and Domestic

Pentagon brass characterized the violent riot as “a direct assault on the U.S. Congress, the Capitol building and our Constitutional process,” and said the military remained fully committed to protecting and defending the Constitution “against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

The unusual (to say the least) statements by the Joint Chiefs of Staff are a total rebuke of Trump and his promise of a "wild" January 6.

Civics Lesson

It is a sorry state of affairs but numerous Trump supporters believe Trump was not impeached. The issue came up numerous times on Twitter and at least twice in comments to my post.

Three presidents were impeached: Andrew Johnson in 1868, Bill Clinton in 1998, and Donald Trump in 2019.

Trump will be impeached for the second time in 2021, most likely tomorrow. 

Nixon would have been impeached, but he resigned before it happened. 

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Impeached means being charged. It does not imply conviction. Indeed, no impeached president was ever convicted in the Senate. 

A failure to convict does not remove the impeachment. That is a statement of fact, by definition, not an opinion.  

It takes a 2/3 majority of "those present" to convict Trump. That means it does not necessarily take 67 votes to convict.

Neither impeachment nor conviction would prohibit Trump from running for office again.

However, as a result of impeachment, by a simple majority, the Senate can bar Trump from running again. 

It is an open constitutional question if Trump can be convicted by the Senate after he is no longer president.

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Regarding Point # 3.

Stand Down?!

Healing of America

Finally, please consider The Healing of America is an Enormous Undertaking

Enormous Undertaking

Uniting America after this debacle will be an enormous undertaking.

Trump purposely sowed seeds of disunity that may easily last many years.

About a third of the nation wrongly believes Biden stole the election despite the fact there is virtually no evidence of the charge, to a degree that would change anything.

Healing would start much faster if Trump admitted the truth and apologized to the nation. The truth is Trump Lost Big.