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Nauseating But Predicted: Biden Selects Kamala Harris as His VP Running Mate

This is as nauseating as it was predictable.

It will not help Biden beat Trump, but Trump is so far behind it likely does not matter.

I cannot support this ticket, nor can I support Trump.

In that regard, nothing really changed. No matter who Biden picked, I was not about to endorse him.

But Biden's caving into the progressive wing of the party with a political opportunist like Harris is sickening to say the least.



She is not as progressive as Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders but she does support Medicare-For-All. 

No one can call here a centrist, so what is she?


That is the word that caused the most questions, but I stand by it.

In regards to "inappropriate touching" Biden  Harris said she believed the accusers.

Sen. Kamala Harris, who was announced as presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s running mate on Tuesday, once said that she believed women who accused Biden of inappropriate touching.

“I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it,” the California senator told reporters in April 2019.

Nearly a year later, Biden would be accused of sexual assault by former aide Tara Reade, which is the most serious allegations he had faced and one he vehemently denied. Harris, who had by that point dropped out of the presidential race, said that Reade “has a right to tell her story.”

I also found her presumption of guilt charges against Brett Kavanaugh more than a bit nauseating.

She asked Kavanaugh if he would take a lie detector test knowing full well as a prosecutor they are both unreliable and inadmissible in court.

Biden is Not a Racist But  ...

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Political Opportunist?

There are only two possibilities in play. Harris either believes the charges against Biden or she doesn't.

Either way, Harris has problems.

Harris either made bald-faced lies of the worst kind or she is willing to be on a ticket with someone accused by many women of being a sexual predator while making the claim that she believes those women.

Please consider Kamala Harris believed Joe Biden’s accusers — until she didn’t.

The fact that Harris so eagerly climbed aboard Joe’s bus says something about her character and what she really thinks about #MeToo. Far from the feminist icon she portrayed herself as during the Kavanaugh hearings, she personifies the left’s weaponization of assault for political ends. The biggest losers in this game are true victims of ­assault and abuse, who now face an even more daunting climb to being believed.  

Harris’ addition to the Biden ticket, then, is not a great feminist achievement. Rather, it is a harsh blow to the feminist cause. Her decision to join Biden after accusing him of ­assault underscores, in a damning and irreversible way, how unseriously her party takes these issues when there are political ambitions at stake.

Nauseating Political Opportunist?

You bet.

If you have better words I will be happy to consider them.

And Trump will press Biden about this. Harris was not a good addition and it could cost Biden the election (I just doubt it at the moment).

For discussion, please see Biden is a Huge Favorite to Win the Election

By the way, what does picking Harris as a running mate say about Joe Biden?