Impeachment Article Delivered

A second impeachment trial of Donald Trump is about to begin as Article of Impeachment Sent to Senate.

The House sent over the article of impeachment of former President Donald Trump to the Senate Monday evening, officially starting the countdown to a trial expected to highlight the rifts within the GOP over Mr. Trump’s legacy and his future influence over the party.  

The House impeachment managers, who will act as the prosecutors in Mr. Trump’s second impeachment trial, walked through the Capitol to deliver the article, which alleges he incited a mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

“There is only one question at stake, only one question, that senators of both parties will have to answer before God and their own conscience,” said Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y) on the floor of the Senate. “Is former President Trump guilty of inciting an insurrection against the United States?”

House Impeachment Managers Deliver Article 

Senator Patrick Leahy (D., Vt.), is the the new president pro tempore of the Senate.

He will preside over the trial, which begins the week of February 8. 

Jeff Flake Responds

I commented on Jeff Flake in Trump's Revenge Tactics May Harm Republicans For Many Years

In his farewell speech, Trump said he will be back in ‘some form’. It will do neither him, nor the party any good.

Trump Will Not Be Back


Except to sling mud, Trump will not be back, convicted or not.

  • What will his health be in 4 years? 
  • How many more things will he say or do that will turn off voters?
  • Will he want to run?
  • Will he be in prison on tax evasion or election fraud, unable to run? 

Where are the Votes?

For now, I am still sticking with my assessment that McConnell may already have the votes.

For details, please see Which Senators Are Likely to Convict Trump?

In that post I named 15 possible Senators.

In McConnell Accuses Trump of Feeding a Mob Lies I upped the possible total to 21.

It is in neither McConnell's best interest nor Biden's to claim they have the votes so it's not a good idea to rely on Biden's statements today.

Finally, there are too many reasons for Trump not to be back, whether the cultists still love him or Trump is convicted.


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