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Rational Debate Challenge Accepted

Twenty Smell Test Things

I was asked to respond to 20 Alleged Election "Facts" That Don't Pass The Smell Test by Andrea Widburg via AmericanThinker as presented on ZeroHedge.

1. Biden allegedly got 80 million votes, which is more than Obama received at his peak, in 2008 – and Biden did this despite losing minority voters to Donald Trump and trailing Trump in voter enthusiasm.

2. Biden broke 60 years of precedent by winning nationally despite losing prodigiously in bellwether states and counties. The last time this happened was when the mafia got out the vote for John F. Kennedy in 1960.

3. Trump had extraordinary coattails, so much so that even the New York Times admitted that the “Democrats Suffered Crushing Down-Ballot Losses Across America.” Think about that: Biden had no coattails and no enthusiasm, yet he allegedly won a record number of votes. Smells fetid to me.

4. Biden barely made it through the primaries, while Trump soared, with Trump’s performance being a historically sure sign of voter enthusiasm and probable victory – yet Biden, again, allegedly scored an equally historically strong victory.

5. Trump exceeded his original vote count by the largest margin for any incumbent in American history. He got 10 million more votes than before; by contrast, Obama, in 2012, got 3.5 million fewer votes than in 2008.

6. Trump’s support among blacks grew by 50%, while Biden’s fell below the important 90%-mark that Democrat candidates need to secure victory.

7. In the Rust Belt, Biden lost black support everywhere except in Detroit, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee. In those cities, every single black person apparently voted for Biden.

8. While pollsters can and do manipulate polling outcomes, non-polling metrics (historical norms such as the economy, enthusiasm, etc.) have never been wrong – only we’re being told that this year was the exception.

All of the above claims are mostly one and the same charge. Biden could not have gotten the votes.

Record Turnout

The fact is, a record number of votes – about 65 million – were cast via mail ballot in the 2020 general election.

These numbers were known in advance and we also knew in advance the numbers were overwhelming from Democrats. Trump said vote in person, so Republicans did.

Trump polarized the nation. Trump got the second most votes in history. 

Yes, Virginia, it is as simple as that. 

Some of the claims are totally nonsensical. For example, take claim number 7 where allegedly every single black person in Detroit, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee apparently voted for Biden.

When you toss around idiocy like that, you know where the rest of the claims are. 

Point number 6 may be accurate. So what? Trump lost suburban women. 

Does anyone remember Trump begging suburban women to love him?

Negative Coattails 

Trump did not have coattails. In fact it was the reverse.

Trump turned the election into a referendum on himself. He lost. 

A huge number of people did not vote for Biden, but rather against Trump. I stated that would happen in advance.

Voters on average were sick of Trump, but were rightfully fearful of what AOC and Warren policies might occur if Democrats won the whole shebang. 

This should be crystal clear. 

9. The fact that Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia simultaneously pretended to halt ballot counting while continuing to count is evidence of election fraud collusion.

10. Optical scanners were set to accept unverified, un-validated ballots.

11. The scanners were almost certainly programmed to fail to keep audit records.

12. In the contested states, the voting machines were alleged to have processed hundreds of thousands of ballots within a short time, which is a physical impossibility.

Points 9-12 

emphasis mine

Points 9, 10, 11, and 12 have no evidence. It's easy to make claims like "almost certainly programmed to fail to keep audit records," without stating what that even means. 

Note the word "alleged" in point 12. 

If there were delays in one county and not another, then guess what? A huge dump of votes get reported, not counted, all at once.

Point 9 is absurd. If there was any evidence of fraud collusion between for states, someone would have it. 

So we have more charges with zero evidence.

As explained as nauseum by the Georgia Secretary of State, signatures are verified, then the ballots are separated from the envelopes. 

There is no way to match signatures to ballots nor should there be, or the state would know how people voted.

How can people not be aware of the construct of a secret ballot. In light of the above what does "programmed to fail to keep an audit" even mean? 

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The rejection rate was nearly the same in 2020 as 2018. 

The icing on the cake is the recount. If the machines were programmed to cheat, then it would have shown up in the manual recount, done by hand. 

Since the recount turned up no evidence of tampering, such claims are nonsense.

13. In Pennsylvania, statistically impossible numbers of late-arriving mail-in votes went to Biden.

14. Dominion and ES&S voting machines were created to have back doors and specific functions to manipulate votes either at the machine or over the internet.

15. Fox News’s behavior on election night (refusing to call pro-Trump outcomes while prematurely calling Arizona for Biden) was so abnormal that Vegas oddsmakers instantly assumed that the fix was in.

16. The allegedly late-arriving mailed-in ballots increased Biden’s equally alleged lead with statistically impossible perfection and stability.

17. There were anomalies in Virginia that suggested that computers were subtracting votes from Trump and, sometimes, giving them to Biden.

18. One analysis shows that voting machines in Michigan systematically removed votes from Trump and handed them to Biden. I saw a rebuttal (which I cannot locate now) that purported to debunk this but did so by using a different scale on the X-axis, which I found inherently suspicious.

19. Over 100,000 Pennsylvania absentee ballots were returned either a day after they were mailed out, on the day they were mailed out, or on the day before they were mailed out.

20. In all the contested areas, and at Dominion’s website, Democrats have been systematically failing to create or have destroyed all data that could be used to demonstrate fraud. This creates the legal presumption that the data do, in fact, show fraud.

Statistical Nonsense and Dominion Silliness 

Once again, the fact is, a record number of votes – about 65 million – were cast via mail ballot (also called absentee voting) in the 2020 general election.

Moreover, and as discussed in advance, absentee votes were counted last explaining the big dump. It was Democrats who voted by mail,. and anyone with an ounce of common sense knew those voted would be overwhelmingly for Biden. 

Point 14 is a rehash of a prior point. Once again, if there was was trap door, it would have been caught in the Georgia manual recount. 

The claims are so bizarre that even Fox News was supposedly in on it. 

All of the links point to clickbait conspiracy sites and other sites that make ridiculous charges over and over. 

Smell Test

Something is smelly alright, and it's claims of fraud with only allegations and no evidence.

Court Fact

Trump's lawyers when asked point blank by judges if they were making a case for fraud, backed down every time.

Every time.

Court of Public Opinion

If Trump had any real evidence of fraud, he would have presented it in court long ago.

It's easy to make statistically nonsensical claims and have a set of people believe them.

It's easy to make claims the machines were rigged. 

But where the hell is the proof?

Quite frankly, I expected more out of these 20 claims than a rehash of unproven charges most if not all of which have been thoroughly debunked before. 

This bit about Fox News and Las Vegas oddsmakers is truly bizarre. It just goes to show that one idiot making a bizarre claim can attract followers.

Occam's Razor

Rather than accept the obvious, Trump supporters are willing to believe any combination of stories, no matter how ridiculous. 

Fans of Occam's Razor here is your choice.

  1. Biden Won
  2. Trump was robbed by a combination of Dominion theft, a collusion between Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Fox News, vote subtraction in Virginia, statistical impossibilities, late ballots, and a Republican Secretary of State in Georgia gone mad, all of the above without a shred of evidence, and Trump unwilling to tell the court there was any fraud! 

Trump Cult Syndrome (TCS)

Let's conclude with a simple idea.

  • If Trump had any real evidence of fraud, he would have presented it in a court of law long ago. 
  • Because Trump has no shred of evidence, he presents the case in the court of public opinion rather than a court of law.

The claims are so damn bizarre even Fox News and the Wall Street Journal won't touch them.

This is all very easy to see unless one is blinded by TCS.