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Kamala Harris Tells Migrants "Do Not Come"

Biden appointed Kamala Harris to fix the problem at the border. Let's see how she is doing.
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Do Not Come

Public Service Announcement

In the public service announcement of the day, Kamala Harris Tells Migrants Not to Come to U.S.

I think it’s short-sighted for any of us who are in the business of problem-solving to suggest we’re only going to respond to the reaction as opposed to addressing the cause,” said Kamala Harris on a podium in Guatemala City.

Do not come,” Ms. Harris repeated during a joint press conference Monday in Guatemala, adding, “The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our border.”

Her statement is reminiscent of the campaign by Nancy Reagan "Just Say No" to Drugs. 

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Harris also said the US would invest $40 million over three years to launch an initiative for young, primarily indigenous women, in Guatemala through USAID which will provide an additional $48 million for affordable housing and agribusiness in the country.

What about men? Wait, never mind. They don't matter.

The population of Guatemala is 16.6 million. Not that throwing money at problems ever works, but $88 million spread over three years is like giving everyone in Guatemala $1.77 a year for three years. 

And what about Mexico with a population of 127 million? 

Just don't come + $1.77. Yeah. That'll work.