Crazy Ideas

"Who put's these crazy ideas into Trump's head?," asks well-known Republican strategist Karl Rove in a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, The Republican Party Is in Disarray.

If you have access to the article please read it. Here are the key ideas in my estimation, all direct quotes of Rove's article.

Rove Places the Blame

  • The Senate is lost, the GOP is bitterly split and Trump’s actions have consequences.  A key factor was the decision by many independents and soft Republicans to vote Democrat—largely, it appears, in response to Mr. Trump’s actions since the presidential election. 
  • Mr. Trump’s unrelenting personal attacks on Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger also drew attention away from the Senate race while igniting an intraparty civil war. That rarely leads to anything productive. It didn’t here.
  • The Saturday call demonstrated not only the president’s awful judgment but also how poorly his lawyers have served him. Who proposed the call in which Mr. Trump begged and cajoled, threatened and pleaded for the Georgia secretary of state to conjure up 11,780 Trump ballots? 
  • And who puts crazy notions into the president’s head? Mr. Trump claimed Saturday that 50,000 Georgians showed up Election Day but were turned away because someone already voted in their name. That would be 1 in 20 Georgians who voted in-person Nov. 3. If this really happened, we’d have known it in real time with voters screaming at election officials, poll watchers raising alarms and cable news stations interviewing angry Georgians.
  • The run-up to the receipt of the Electoral College votes also turned off swing voters that Georgia Republicans needed. Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley’s announcement that he’d attempt to overturn results and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s declaration he’d seek a 10-day delay in accepting the Electoral College results for an emergency “audit” to resolve questions were unwise stunts that couldn’t succeed
  • So it’s a mess. The GOP is bitterly split, Democrats will control the presidency, Senate and House, and 34% of Americans wrongly believe the election was rigged. The Trump presidency is ending with his followers violently shutting down the Capitol. Helluva way to start 2021.

Helluva Way to Start 2021

The WSJ does not take op-eds from me, but I said the exact same things, only first. 

Here are a couple of points I made yesterday.

  1. Trump 2024 is Now Officially History
  2. Senator Ted Cruz and his merry band of 11 Trumpian degenerates can likely kiss their presidential hopes goodbye as well.


I spent a month refuting garbage claims by Trump that he "won big". 

And I predicted Trump would morph into Hillary blaming everyone but himself when he lost, which I also confidently called. 

Rove admits the truth while asking "Who puts crazy notions into the president’s head?"

So if you don't want to listen to me, please listen to Rove. He tells the same story.

Rove's bottom line is the most important: "34% of Americans wrongly believe the election was rigged.

Please let that sink in. 

Trump started a Republican Civil War. And delusional Trump supporters afflicted with Trump Cult Syndrome (TCS) cheer that war.

It's a "Helluva way to start 2021". 


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