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Republican Sanity Sets In

Liz Cheney issued a blistering statement supporting the impeachment of Donald Trump. ‘There has never been a greater betrayal by a President’ says Cheney. 

In response, the pro-Trump forces tried to do her in. They wanted Cheney removed from her leadership positions and even took a vote on it. 

But look what happened: Liz Cheney Wins One for Sanity.

Liz Cheney won. She won’t lose her leadership position after her blistering statement supporting the impeachment of Donald Trump. The vote in the House Republican Conference Wednesday night wasn’t even close, it was reportedly 145-61. Her antagonists spent two weeks bragging they had it in the bag. She insisted on a vote and called their bluff. Suddenly people remembered: She was raised by a House whip.

What does it mean? It doesn’t turn the page on the Trump era in Congress but it does, tentatively, begin a new chapter. The pro-Trump group lost, and the We Exist in the Time After Trump forces won. The lopsidedness of the vote implies some sympathy for Ms. Cheney’s stand, or at least grudging respect for the idea of a vote of conscience.

The men who’d threatened her almost from the moment she backed impeachment were left looking like what they are—weak, emotional, spiteful and in the end incompetent.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, who swanned around in his Elvis hair in Ms. Cheney’s Wyoming in an attempt to whip up a movement against her, looked especially silly, and left the conference meeting with no statement for the press. Which is exactly how Joe McCarthy left after Margaret Chase Smith gave it to him full in the face on the floor of the Senate 71 years ago.

Parties have reputations. We are probably already seeing repercussions. In Arizona and Pennsylvania, thousands of voters have dropped their GOP registration.

Trump Comeback?

Pro-Trump forces still believe their "Messiah" will return.

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Admittedly, Trump might not be convicted in the Senate impeachment trial. But that does not guarantee "Resurrection". 

By a 145-61 vote House Republicans said it is fair game to call for the impeachment of Trump.

Let that sink in.

Trump's Legal Nightmare About to Begin

There are criminal charges on deck against Trump in Georgia. Civil and possibly criminal tax evasion charges are upcoming in New York. 

I expect a flood of civil charges elsewhere. Trump's legal nightmare is about to begin.

The Trump era may not be over, but Trump is no "Messiah" nor will he miraculously rise from the dead.