Trump's Claim of Criminal Voting Fraud in Nevada Bites the Dust

"We are confident that there are thousands of people whose votes have been counted that have moved out of Clark County during the pandemic,” said Adam Laxalt, Nevada’s former Attorney General and Co-Chair of the Trump Re-Election campaign.

Laxalt said they have evidence – a list of more than three thousand voters who voted in the 2020 presidential election, but no longer Live in Nevada.

Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria acknowledged that they received the list. He says, however, that it’s not out of the ordinary for voters to not live in Nevada but still be eligible to vote.

"This is a military town,” said Gloria. “We have Nellis Air Force Base. We also have several students who travel out of state to go to school.” College students and active military are allowed to claim Nevada residency while out of town.

The allegations are upsetting to former Henderson resident Amy Rose, an attorney who still calls Nevada home.

"My husband and I have both been accused of fraud,” said Amy Rose. “We take our duties as citizens very seriously, and it’s just a shock to see that this accusation had been made without any basis in fact."

If you are in a state on orders for the military, families don’t have to change their residency. She says she and her husband's ability to vote in their home state is a state and federal process that families secure with the county registrar.

The list provided by the Trump campaign includes full nine-digit ZIP codes, each one only applying to a handful of homes on a single street. Rose says she and her husband cast absentee ballots and confirmed that her current and former ZIP codes align with two supposedly "fraudulent" votes on the list.

“The list has addresses that are literally on Air Force bases,” Rose said. 

Grasping at Straws in a Tornado

One might think team Trump would take a modicum of effort to weed out the truly ridiculous, but one would be wrong.


No claim is too ridiculous to submit.

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