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Mirror Image 222-213 as Republicans Pick Up Two More House Seats

Republican John Duarte ran a mistake-free campaign in California 13 and will pick up a Biden +11 seat.
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Cook Political analyst Dave Wasserman calls CA13 for Republican John Duarte over Adam Gray.

Cook Political analyst Dave Wasserman calls CA13 for Republican John Duarte over Adam Gray.

"I've seen enough: barring a tabulation error, John Duarte (R) defeats Adam Gray (D) in #CA13. That means the final House count will be 222R-213D, a mirror image of Dems' current majority."

That is the opinion of Wasserman, not necessarily the opinion of Cook Political. I will go with Wasserman on this.

Key CA13 Takeaway 

The key takeaway via CALMatters: If Duarte beats out Gray for the House seat, it will mark the GOP’s most successful push this electoral cycle into blue territory in California.

Cal3 Result 

Republican Kevin Kiley defeated his Democratic opponent, Kermit Jones, in the race for California’s 3rd Congressional District.

The Associated Press called the race in CA3 yesterday. 


In Colorado district 3, the race is so tight that there will be a mandatory recount. However, Democrat Adam Frisch conceded to Incumbent Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert. 

Frish, who trails by 551 votes (0.16 percentage points) said it would be unethical to continue raising funds for an effort that had little chance of reversing the results. 

Fox News had this interesting comment from Frish: "The Democratic Party has slowly but surely eroded the trust of rural and working class Americans. Denver and D.C. politicians need to demonstrate an understanding of the issues that face rural America, working class America, and celebrate, not disrespect, folks across the country."  

Open Races

Officially, there are three open races: CO3 (despite the concession), CA13, and Alaska At Large.

Politico has the total 220-212. But unofficially put Colorado and California in the Republican camp with Alaska in the Democrat camp.

Alaska At Large

Democrats will win Alaska thanks to its ranked ballot system.

Republicans Sarah Palin and Nick Begich split the Republican vote allowing Rep. Mary Peltola to hold the seat.

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Had either Palin or Begich sat this out, Republicans likely would have run. Blame the person of your choice. 

CA 22 Flashback 

In CA22, Republican incumbent David Valadao held on to his seat having voted to impeach Trump. The Associated Press called that race on Monday. 

In CA 22 voters sided with Biden over Trump by 13 percentage points. Most likely, Valadao retained his seat because of his impeachment vote. 

Election Month is Nearly Over

The election was Tuesday, November 8. Today is Wednesday, November 23.

It's two weeks, 14 days and counting with results still pending. Officially, there are still 3 seats remaining to be called. 

Democrats will retain the Senate regardless of what happens in the Georgia Senate runoff on December 6 between Democrat Raphael Warnock and his challenger Herschel Walker.

Within a few days, the remaining House seats will be called.

At that point, election month will finally be over with a likely 222R-213D mirror image flip of the House.

This post originated at MishTalk.Com.


I inadvertently stated election day as November 2 instead of November 8. So it's two weeks of counting, not three. 

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