Over 100,000 Cases Per Day

Lance Manly

104,004 cases on the 4th. McBride calculated the positivity rate at 10.7%. I would expect to close in on 150k in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile the Trump administration is taking bold steps and considering a "strategy":

"Now is the time to develop a testing strategy to maximize our ability to identify the silent epidemic of asymptomatic COVID-19 infections,” Robert Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention"

And for the herd immunity types out there the problem is the healthcare system can't support the stress. You can't bring in surge personnel when the entire country is surging. Midwest is already showing signs of cracking:

"Surging caseloads across the Great Plains and Midwest have left many hospitals struggling to find space for coronavirus patients — or, crucially, qualified workers to take care of them. Dozens of Kansas hospitals told the AP that they expect to face staffing shortages next week, while the Star Tribune reported that the number of nurses who have entered quarantine meant only nine intensive care beds were available in Minnesota’s Twin Cities as of Wednesday morning.

In Oklahoma, where a record 1,026 coronavirus patients were being treated in hospitals on Wednesday, doctors called for a statewide mask mandate and warned of an impending crisis. Already, covid-19 patients are being moved around the state as hospitals juggle available beds and staffing levels, Oklahoma State Medical Association president George Monks told KFOR."