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Bond Guru and PIMCO co-founder Bill Gross Was Going to Be Fired for ‘Erratic Behavior,’ Says CNBC.

Barron’s reports Gross Leaves Pimco for Janus; Knew He Was Being Shown the Door.

CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin said on air, the fund world was experiencing “shock and surprise” at Gross’s move, which was highly unexpected to most.

Dow Jones is running headlines that “Gross’s move pre-empted his dismissal,” citing an unnamed source.

Sorkin’s colleagues Jim Cramer and David Faber joked on the channel about how Gross will be giving up the trillions of fixed income investments he controlled at Pimco Total Return for a mere $12 billion or so invested by Janus in fixed income.


Sorkin reported that one factor may have been that Janus’s CEO, Richard Weil, used to be COO of Pimco, and that he left on a not-so-happy note from Pimco, which may mean there’s something personal for him in luring away Gross.

Gross is quoted as saying “I look forward to returning my full focus to the fixed income markets and investing, giving up many of the complexities that go with managing a large, complicated organization.”

Janus Intraday

Shares of Janus (JNS) soared from 11 to as high as 15.58 on the announcement. That’s a 41.68% move. How much of that gain holds remains to be seen. Janus is currently up about 31.50%.

Anyone pick up any cheap options yesterday?

Mike “Mish” Shedlock 

From ZIRP to NIRP: Virtues of Germany vs. the Vices of Greece; What About “Speece” and Gold?

Virtues of Germany vs. the Vices of Greece. At the heart of the constant bailout bickering in Europe is a fundamental, but seriously misguided notion that a battle is underway between the virtuous and fiscally responsible Germans and the irresponsible Greeks, Spaniards, and Portuguese.

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Republicans control the executive branch and both houses in Congress. That does not necessarily mean Trump can get the legislation he wants passed.

Will Prices Rise Significantly When Velocity of Money Picks Up?

Several people have written recently telling me that price inflation is under control only because the velocity of money (the alleged rate at which money circulates) is falling.

Death Watch Illinois: Despite Massive Stock Market Rally, Illinois Pension Liabilities Go Up, and Up

Illinois’ unfunded liabilities have risen ten out of the last eleven years. The only exception was 2011. This was despite massive rallies in financial markets every year since 2009.

How Long Will German Businesses Put Up With Merkel’s Cherry-Picking Stance?

At every juncture, EU officials thought, and behaved, as if the UK was bluffing. The big irony is Merkel and the EU are bluffing, not the UK.

Cheaper Taxi Fares Coming Up: Ten Miles, Five Bucks!

Here’s welcome news for city travelers but not for central banks such as the Fed, damn insistent on price inflation.

Fat Tails, But Which Way? Up or Down?

Alpine Macro has an interesting article on risk. They provide two extremes, melt up and melt down.

Velocity of Money Picks Up: Inflation Coming? Stagflation? How About Deflation?

The velocity of money is picking up. What does it mean?

Reader Asks About Shorting Subprime Auto Sector

A question and some interesting observations came in today from reader “FW” who works at Ford. He asks about shorting the auto sector including auto-backed collateralized loans.