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Pitiful, Painful, Nauseating

This was one of the worst debates in history if not the worst. Moderator Chris Wallace lost control early and never regained it.

If you insists on a winner I would suggest Trump won the first 20 minutes or so, but the score was something like -10 to -30. 

There were no winners in the middle but enough messiness to give a score of -20 each, a tie. Each candidate looked ridiculous at times and OK to good at times, but good only for fleeting moments.

Biden won the final two questions easily. His response on a peaceful transition gets a genuinely positive score. Let's call it +20 to -20. 

That makes the final result -50 for Trump to - 20 for Biden. That is based on Trump's refusal to honor the result of the election and his poor handling of white supremacy.  

But how many even watched the final 5 minutes? So, call it a draw if you like but Six in 10 say Biden Won.

Here is an assessment of the debate from various Tweets.

Unwatchable Draw



A Word About Debate Moderation

The Audience was Superb!

Ann Coulter is Spot On

Can We Do Better?

Tweet of the Day

The Tweet of the Day award goes to Danielle DiMartino Booth for "This is a cluster you know what colliding with a you know what show."

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Low Moments

  1. Constant Interruptions (mainly by Trump but by both)
  2. Biden calling Trump a clown multiple times
  3. Trump debating Chris Wallace
  4. Biden's refusal to look at Trump except in the final minutes
  5. Trump's terrible response on white supremacy
  6. Biden's refusal to answer a question about packing the Supreme Court
  7. Trump's finish about accepting the results of the election 

Who Won Fox News Style

I watched Hannity braying like a mule about how magnificent Trump was. Yeah, right. 

It was a pathetic mess all around.

If you are looking for another single word description, I suggest nauseating.

Who Did This Help?

That is a much better question than who scored debate points.

We will not know until the polls come out, if then. 

There were plenty of sounds bites for each side to attack the other. That lends credence to Nate Silver's "draw" idea. 

But a draw does Trump no good. In fact it hurts him.  Even a tiny win for Trump does him little good.


I suspect Trump's answer regarding accepting the results of the election will cost him more than anything Biden said. 

Trump's best hope is people were so nauseated they refuse to vote because his supporters will turn out anyway.

Biden's best move is to cancel the remaining debates.

What an embarrassing performance by contenders for president of the United States of America.