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Bloomberg reports Spain Unleashes Extraordinary Powers to Take Out Catalan Rebels .

In a televised statement, Rajoy called regional elections for Dec. 21 in a bid to draw a line under weeks of upheaval in the country’s biggest regional economy that saw hundreds of businesses shift their domicile to other parts of Spain to escape the turmoil. He also fired a police chief from the regional force, shut down most of the Catalan government’s diplomatic service and eliminated the offices of president and vice president. Rajoy created a special department in Madrid to oversee the measures. European Union President Donald Tusk said on Twitter that nothing has changed in policy toward Catalonia and Spain "remains our only interlocutor." He said he hoped the Spanish government "favors force of argument, not argument of force.”

Force of Argument not Argument of Force

I like that expression. The force of argument is the right of self determination. Moreover, Catalonia has spoken, twice.

Friday morning the Catalonia Parliament Voted 70-10 for Independence.

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Prior to the declaration of independence, and after the vote I commented Dear Spain, Mainstream Media: A Majority of Catalans Want Independence (Stop Saying Otherwise).

If you disagree, rebut what I said,

Bloomberg had an interesting headline title calling the pro-independence faction "rebels". The real rebels are Mariano Rajoy and his thugs.

Will Rajoy send in the troops?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock