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Will We Have a Fair Election?

I am increasingly doubtful. Moreover, the party that is doing the accusing is the party that is doing everything they can to make sure the election is not fair.

Texas Disenfranchisement

Got That?

Republicans purposely let this voting go on and now hope to discard as many as 100,000 vote.

That's Texas and Minnesota. It's Pennsylvania, too.

I discussed Pennsylvania here: Do NOT Vote By Mail, Trap is Set

The Supreme Court let stand a ruling that allows Pennsylvania to count votes that come in up to three days after the election.

That seems like a victory but likely it isn't.

Amy Coney Barrett didn’t participate in either decision “because of the need for a prompt resolution” and because she hasn’t had time to fully review the parties’ filings, a court spokeswoman said.

Which is it?

Prompt Resolution? or Time to Review?

If the Supreme Court agrees to take the case after the election there will not be a "prompt resolution" by definition.

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What's been resolved?

We would only have resolution if Barrett proclaimed this case was resolved or she would continue to recuse herself. 

Worse yet ...

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, informed the court that local elections officials had been directed to segregate ballots received after the Election Day deadline.

Trump deputy campaign manager and senior counsel Justin Clark said Mr. Shapiro’s decision to segregate ballots is “a big victory.’’ 

He added: “The Pennsylvania Secretary of State saw the writing on the wall and voluntarily complied with our injunction request,’’ which will “ensure they will not be counted until the U.S. Supreme Court rules on our petition.’’  

Justice Alito cited that move in his statement, saying that it would allow “a targeted remedy,” such as invalidating the late-delivered votes, should the court take up the case after Election Day.

Targeted Theft

If it appears Pennsylvania may decide the election, the Supreme Court will hear the case and Barrett will likely say discard the ballots.

If it appears Pennsylvania will not decide the election, Barrett would either let the decision stand or more likely, the Supreme Court would not hear further challenges. 

Saving Grace

The saving grace in this sordid affair is Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Florida are likely to go for Biden, theft or not.

It is conceivable Republicans steal Texas.  

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