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Political Rarity, Sasse Keeps a Difficult Promise

Sasse made a promise four years ago to put the Constitution and his conscious ahead of the party. 

It's a rarity. Sasse kept a difficult promise.  He now faces censure.

Sasse responds to Nebraska GOP State Central Committee

In a video posted on YouTube, Nebraska's Republican senator repeats his disagreements with President Trump in advance of a GOP state meeting on Feb. 13 that may consider an effort to censure him. 

Sasse's blistering message to the committee is along the lines of "go ahead, censure me". 

His message to the public is far more notable. Please play the video. It is about 5 minutes.

Notable Excerpts 

  • When Melissa and I ran  four years ago we pledged to put the constitution ahead of party politics. You gave me standing ovations. 
  • My election night speech was a simple promise that I would always vote my conscious even if it might be against the partisan stream.  You cheered.
  • Now, many of you are hacked off that I condemned Trump's lies that led to a riot. 
  • Let's be clear. The anger in the state party has never been about me violating principle or abandoning conservative policy. I am one of the most conservative voters in the Senate.
  • The anger has always simply been about me not bending a knee to one guy.
  • But my disagreements with Trump have never been personal. They have always been about genuine affection for the constitutional order, something every American regardless of party should share.
  • January 6 is going to leave a scar. For 220 years one of the most beautiful things about America has been a peaceful transfer of power. But what we saw three weeks ago was ugly, shameful mob violence to disrupt a Constitutionally-mandated meeting of Congress to affirm that peaceful transfer of power.
  • It happened because the president lied to you. He lied about the election results for 60 days. Despite losing 60 straight court challenges, many of them handed down by Trump-appointed judges.
  • He lied by saying the vice president could violate his constitutional oath and declare a new winner. That wasn't true.
  • He then riled a mob that attacked the Capitol, many chanting "hang Pence". 
  • If that president was a Democrat we both know how you would respond. But because he had Republican behind his name, you are defending him.
  • Personality cults aren't conservative. Conspiracy theories aren't conservative. Lying that an election has been stolen isn't conservative.
  • Acting like politics is a religion isn't conservative, 
  • You are welcome to censure me again, but let's be clear about why this is happening. It's because I still believe, like you used to, that politics isn't about the weird worship of one dude.

Reflection on the Truth

That was one of the best political speeches in history, and it comes at a critical time for the Republican party. 

It's time for reflection and admission of the Truth. 

And the painful truth is Trump is not the Messiah. He repeatedly lied about many things with escalating repercussions that culminated with a Capitol riot.

Not Fit to Be President

Regardless of what you think about his policies, Trump's actions prove one thing. 

Trump is not fit to be president and never was. He tried to hijack an election and get vice president Pence to go along with it.

Weird Worship of One Dude

Sasse's best line was towards the end. "Politics isn't about the weird worship of one dude."

Yet sadly that is what has become of the Republican party. Trump cultists tried to hijack it, and clearly did in some states. 

Trump Cultists Attack Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney, a Republican, and Wyoming's lone member of Congress, issued a blistering statement supporting the impeachment of Donald Trump. 

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There has never been a greater betrayal by a President’ said Cheney.

In response, the pro-Trump forces tried to do her in. They wanted Cheney removed from her leadership positions and even took a vote on it.

The Trump cultists in the House took a vote on it. 

Yesterday I noted Liz Cheney Marks a Welcome New Chapter in the Trump Era

The Trump cultists went down in flames 145-61. 

Straw Man Attack on Cheney

One of my terribly misguided readers responded: "Are we seriously looking at the Cheney family as paragons of political virtue? I'll take Trump over the Cheney's blood soaked hands thank you."


For starters, Liz Cheney is not the same person as her father, nor was she ever vice president. 

Second, no one, especially me, promoted the "Cheney family as paragons of political virtue".

Third, this is about individual issues, now, not about the past. 

Fourth, without a doubt Trump tried to hijack an election and Sasse called him out.

Trump did things so inexcusable that many Republicans condemned them.

Political Parties Should Not Be Cults or Religions

Politics and political parties are not (rather they should not be) religions. But that is what Trump and his cultists have tried to make them. 

Fortunately, and regardless of what you may think of Sasse and Cheney as individuals, they did the right thing in this instance, and in a big way.

I do not give a damn about parties. I do care about individual issues. Cheney and Sasse deserve a huge round of cheers, on this issue, and get them from this corner.

My misguided reader, and any like him, need to play Sasse's message over and over and over again until it sets in.

Trump put himself above the Constitution and demanded everyone else do the same. He even tried to coerce Pence and Georgia officials into hijacking the election. 

Regardless of what you may think of Trump's policies, the above facts make Trump unfit to be president.

Unfortunately, most of Trump's sheep are too brainwashed by the cult to ever understand either Sasse's or Cheney's message.