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Senator Wicker Won't Rule Out a Nuclear Strike of Russia Over Ukraine

On Fox News, Sen. Roger Wicker floated the idea of bombing Russian military assets and says he wouldn't even rule out a first strike with nuclear weapons.
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People Attend Crimea

Nuclear War Insanity

Wicker’s office clarified that the senator is not advocating for the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine. 

Well la de da. This is still pure insanity. For starters, Ukraine is not even a member of NATO.

Yet, the US has 200 National Guard troops in the country.

It was US meddling in Ukraine, proposing it be a member of NATO that led to Russia taking back Crimea. 

Crimeans are Happy with Russian Annexation

A year ago the Washington Post (not in the least a Russia supporter) reported Six Years and $20 Billion in Russian Investment Later, Crimeans are Happy with Russian Annexation.

The lead image is from this article. 

In Crimea itself, the annexation was popular, especially among Crimea’s large population of older ethnic Russians. More than five years later, and billions of rubles of investment later, it remains popular.

Numerous polls supported this conclusion. In December 2014, the Levada Center, Russia’s most reliable polling company, conducted a survey for us in Crimea that affirmed these findings. Our analysis of these survey results used the term “Crimea conundrum” to describe the disjuncture between the legitimacy of Crimea’s new status to most of its residents and its illegitimacy within the international community.

Radio Free Europe Polls 

Please consider Post-Maidan Ukraine Opinion Polls

Radio Free Europe's own numbers show that - without a shadow of a doubt - that overwhelming majority (in some cases 50-to-1) of Crimeans feel that their secession was legitimate, that Russia is playing a positive role in Ukraine, and that the United States should not play a role there at all.

As for NATO, even in the West of Ukraine, just shy of 50% of Ukrainians in that extremely pro-Western, pro-EU region believe the country should NOT join NATO. This is less than two months after the EuroMaidan took place, basically at the height of nationalist feeling. And Ukrainians even in the west of the country felt that NATO membership was not desirable (in the rest of the country, anti-NATO sentiment ran anywhere between 60% to 90% (excluding Crimea).

Predictable Results

The US meddled in Ukraine, with predictable results: Something bad happened. 

Everywhere the US meddles something bad happens (Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Libya) immediately come to mind. 

Russia Does Not Want US Missiles in Ukraine

The US did not want missiles in Cuba, its backyard. And Russia does not want them in Ukraine, it's back yard. 

The US stirred up a hornets nest proposing Ukraine become a member of NATO. 

Ukraine is a European Issue 

If the EU wants to defend Ukraine, that's its business. It's not worth the loss of one US soldier. 

Yet here we are. Outright military nut cases want to defend Ukraine with all means necessary even nuclear weapons which no doubt would get a nuclear response in reply. 

Should We Accept There are Problems in the World the US Cannot Solve?

On November 19, I asked Should We Accept There are Problems in the World the US Cannot Solve?

The answer, of course, is hell yes. 

Failure to Address the Question

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Failure to correctly answer that question led to the US losing two wars. The first was Vietnam, the second in Afghanistan.

Neither was our issue and ultimately US voters turned against each war.

But problems go far beyond absurd wars based on lies.

Trump placed sanctions on Russia and European companies over Nord Stream 2. The result was that Nord Stream was completed anyway, by Russia with help from Merkel.

If Germany wants to cut a deal with Russia over natural gas, that's their call, not ours.

Nord Stream, Taiwan, NATO

Nord Stream was never our battle and we should have stayed out of it.

Apparently the EU and Germany are at odds over Taiwan. That means the US cannot count on the EU for coordinated support against China.

So why is it that US taxpayers should foot the bill for soldiers in Germany, Poland, and the EU in general?

Whose battle is it? 

Trump threatened to cut funding for NATO. He also said he would pull all troops from Afghanistan. 

He should have. But he was all talk and no show. 

We made a mess in the Ukraine by foolishly attempting to convert it into a NATO country.

The wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan speak for themselves. ISIS was a direct result of a foolish attack on Iraq.

None of this meddling ever did the US any good. 

Correct Focus

Whether a problem is solvable or not is actually not the correct focus.

The EU and the US both need to admit there are problems beyond their control in which meddling is likely to make matters worse.

For starters, the US cannot afford to be the world's policeman and should not even try.

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