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And No One Thought to Make a Copy

"I don't want to be too snarky but Trump needs to close a big polling deficit and this is the message on a day with 80k new COVID cases and a 940 point decline in the Dow," responds Nate Silver.

Biggest Story

Dear Donald Trump

 The biggest news story is your failure to learn anything from Hillary, then the most despised candidate ever. 

 You are now the most despised and will go down in flames. 

 The only difference: She blamed Russia not herself. You will blame the media not yourself.

I wrote that last night before the documents vanished.

We can now safely add "The dog ate my homework before I made copies," thesis.

Reflections on Copies

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Reflections On Copies

Let's for a moment assume there are copies.

Then, if there is any substance to them, Team Trump is damn foolish sitting on that evidence while 60+ million people vote. 

There is no damning evidence. 

Sitting on the Documents?

Lesson From Shakespeare

Lesson From Shakespeare