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Bloomberg did so poorly in the debates he would have been far better off to have not qualified.

Having qualified, he might have done better to not show up.

Bloomberg gave the single worst response in debate history.

Bloomberg vs Warren

When asked about sexual misconduct allegations of employees bloomberg responded “None of them accuse me of doing anything other than, maybe, they didn't like a joke I told.”

Warren chimed in: “I'd like to talk about who we're running against. A billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse-faced lesbians, and no I'm not talking about Donald Trump, I'm talking about Mayor Bloomberg.”

Good Moments

All the candidates had their moments. But none had the disasters of bloomberg.

Bloomberg even missed a slam-dunk layup when asked about the billions he made. He should have talked about how many people he employed and how much they made.

Instead, Warren and Sanders piled on about his billions.


Debate Performances

I would rate rate the debate performances in this order.

  1. Biden
  2. Buttigieg
  3. Warren
  4. Sanders
  5. Klobuchar
  6. Bloomberg

Biden made no mistakes and had many good moments. Arguably Warren had the best moments but she needed the best moments just to get back into the ballpark.

Once again Warren praised Klobuchar. It is because of Warren's earlier debate praise that Klobuchar got as far as she did.

Who Won?

It's easier to say who lost than who won.

I was just on Coast-to-Coast live radio to give an economic update. The political update was just prior to me. That person commented about Bloomberg's miserable performance but also about the great performance of Sanders.

I think Sanders was just so-so. He took a lot of hits.

But given the dismal performance of Bloomberg, is that good enough?

I don't know. I do know that Trump bounced backs off a horrendous debate after I wrote him off. It's possible Bloomberg does the same.

Key Moments

The Wall Street Journal Live Coverage (found it hours after the debate) had the best coverage I have seen.

Buttigieg: We Should Nominate an Actual Democrat

"Let's put forward someone who's actually a Democrat," he said, in a dig at Mr. Bloomberg, a former Republican, and Mr. Sanders, an independent. "Look -- we shouldn't have to choose between one candidate who wants to burn this party down and another candidate who wants to buy this party out. We can do better."

Warren Defends Her Plan

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Warren derided former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s “Medicare for All who want it” approach as “a slogan thought up by his consultants. It’s not a plan, it’s a PowerPoint.” She called Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s health-care plan “a Post-It note.”

Meanwhile, she said, Mr. Sanders “relentlessly attacks everyone” who asks how he tries to make his plan work, and then his aides say it probably won’t happen anyway,” drawing "ooohs" from the audience.

The candidates defended themselves. Former Vice President Joe Biden said: "I'm the only one who has actually gotten anything done on health care," a reference to former President Obama's Affordable Care Act.

More on Bloomberg's Worst Moment

A moderator asked why he wouldn’t release the women who have signed NDAs from those legal restrictions.

“They signed those agreements and they’ll live with it,” Mr. Bloomberg said, drawing audience boos.

Elizabeth Warren said, “I hope you heard what his defense was: I’ve been nice to some women.” She asked him exactly how many NDAs Mr. Bloomberg has, and he did not respond.

Election Betting Odds

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On Election Betting Odds, updated every minute, Bloomberg took a big hit, but no one seemed to benefit.

Predictit Response

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Predictit Prior to the Debate

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Predictit Following the Nevada Debate

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Before the debate Sanders was ahead everywhere but Florida. In Florida Bloomberg was ahead.

After the debate, Biden jumped ahead in four states and Bloomberg none.

Yet, Sanders only rose 2 cents.


Bloomberg took a huge hit, but Biden was the biggest winner in the debate, relatively speaking.

It's better to be in Sander's position than not, but Sanders is still not on a path to get 50% of the delegates by the convention, even after this Bloomberg disaster.

Might voters look the other way on Bloomberg?

They did with Trump.

Voters still do not like socialists, with good reason. That's why Sanders bounce was only 2 cents.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock