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Boogaloo Boys at Ohio Statehouse

Proud Boys Not Welcome

Boogaloo Supports BLM?

Michigan Boogaloo Protest

We come in peace. But I am pleading with you with tears in my eyes and cracks in my voice. If you continue to oppress the American people they will remain rational no longer. My message is vey simple. We can do this together or we can start fighting pointlessly and kill each other."

No Show in Utah

I'm out at the Utah Capitol approx 2 hours after the time a permit application said a Boogaloo rally would start, and 12 minutes before some flyers said a rally would start, and the grounds are basically empty, save for law enforcement, troops and some dog walkers

Boogaloo Virginia Style

Mike Dunn, a leader, told Reuters they are open carrying rifles and using 40 round magazines in defiance of local laws. Police say they aren’t breaking laws.

What About New Hampshire?

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Boogaloo Slang

NPR Reports 'Boogaloo' Is The New Far-Right Slang For Civil War

The word "boogaloo" once represented a fusion of people and cultures. It was both a musical sound and a dance. Now, it's favored on the far right as shorthand for an uprising against the government.

Boogaloo Racist Meme

Also consider The 'Boogaloo' Started as a Racist Meme

At the protests that have broken out across the country after George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, so-called boogaloo bois have been a conspicuous presence. Members of the overwhelmingly white online subculture have shown up to protests heavily armed and clad in Hawaiian shirts – a reference to the “big luau,” an adaptation of the word “boogaloo.”  

Among the loose online network of adherents, the boogaloo is often presented as a race-blind call for armed insurrection against government tyranny. “The boogaloo movement is (for the most part) a libertarian group,” a member posted in a boogaloo-themed Facebook group after a week of protests. “The boog is not the people vs the people, the boog is the people vs the government. It’s a revolution, not a civil war,” he wrote. Many members of the movement see the recent outbreak of protests as the potential kickoff for widespread revolutionary upheaval, where citizens will unite against the perceived tyrannical state. 

But a look at the movement’s origins and its online communities make it clear that its politics are much more complicated than straightforward libertarianism, and that few of its adherents are interested in aligning with Black Lives Matter or antifascist protesters against police brutality.


  1. This state capitol protest was a huge fizzle all around, at least so far, and gratefully so. 
  2. I do not expect fireworks on January 20 inauguration either.
  3. Boogaloo is one hell of a name for a group professing support for BLM, assuming of course there is any central set of beliefs.

I suspect the Boogaloo Boys (BOIS) are akin to the Tea Party. Groups of people opposed to government in general but no widespread cohesive principles.