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The Case "For" Simplified

  1. For Trump: He is not Joe Biden
  2. For Biden: He is not Trump
  3. For Neither: The USA Deserves Better and Needs Better

OK we can add a few things. 

Trump made a couple of decent Supreme Court picks, but many would disagree. He did not start any new wars.

Biden will not be as divisive as Trump, on anything. He pledged to accept the treaty with Iran. I am strongly in favor of that, but many aren't. 

The Case Against Trump

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  1. Trump's trade policy is a disaster and the disaster will continue. 
  2. Trump proved beyond a shadow of a doubt trade war are neither good nor easy to win. 
  3. USMCA is marginally worse than NAFTA. Trump made zero deals of merit.
  4. Trump is the biggest narcissist ever. 
  5. Trump is willing to trade security for soybeans with China 
  6. Trump is willing to trade voting security for Congressional votes on Covid.
  7. Trump belittles friend and foe and allies anytime anyone disagrees with him.
  8. Trump is willing to use racial or ethnic slurs, for example calling Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas". 
  9. Trump is being investigated for tax fraud and the charge is easy to believe.
  10. Trump did not start any new wars but he did not get us out of Iraq, Afghanistan, or Cuba.
  11. Trump shifted troops to Poland instead of bringing them home. 
  12. Trump has praise for dictators like Kim Jong Un in North Korea and Putin in Russia.
  13. Trump's budget deficit is out of control and was even before Covid hit. 
  14. Trump requested and received ridiculous amounts of military spending.
  15. Trump-sponsored tax cuts that primarily benefited the wealthy.
  16. Trump's administrative sleaze and rolling staff appointments are unprecedented. 
  17. Trump's handling of Covid was abysmal.

The Case Against Biden

  1. Biden is likely to bail out the states.
  2. Biden will be beholden to public unions who wrecked states like Illinois, New Jersey, and California.
  3. It is highly unlikely Biden will last a full term. 
  4. Kamala Harris is further Left than Biden on many issues.
  5. More taxes
  6. Higher taxes
  7. Biden sponsored bills that put more blacks in prison for the benefit of public union prison  guards, much if not most of it pot charges.
  8. Seriously, what has he ever done?

Overwhelming Case

I am quite sure I have left off numerous "against" points for both candidates. 

All things considered, we have an overwhelming case for neither.