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Cook Political Analysis Has Seen Enough 

Dave Wasserman is U.S. House editor of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

Not Official Yet 

This is not official yet, but it's over. 

The only question remaining is the margin of victory. Here's how we know it's over. 

Where the Remaining Vote Is

Where Votes Remain

The remaining vote is overwhelmingly Democrat according to the Nate Cohn's Election Tracker Needle.

We think about 76,000 votes remain. If that's right, Perdue would need to win about 58 percent of those votes. We think he's on track to win between <5 and 50 percent. (Our best guess is 26 right now)

Going Down With Trump's Ship

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Jennifer Medina, NYT: Perdue campaign claims in new statement that they believe they won and will use “every available resource and exhaust every recourse to ensure all legally cast ballots are properly counted” — echoing Trump.

Meanwhile, Ossoff’s lead continues to grow. He’s now up by 12,806 votes. That’s larger than Biden’s victory in the state in November.

Never-Ending Lies

Stop the Steal

Today, the US senate will count the votes.  In the process, they will stop Trump's blatant attempt to steal the election. 

The Circle is Complete

In 2016 Trump won the election and had a majority in the both the House and Senate.

I would have preferred that Republicans keep the Senate for fiscal reasons even though they were piss poor fiscal stewards. 

It was not to be. Democrats completed the circle and hold the Executive Office, House, and Senate.

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