Excessive Force Charges

Amazing footage Inside the Capitol

That's a lengthy video but it takes in the entire episode. 

Please play a few minutes at the beginning, then either watch the rest or skip to the 34:20 mark for an additional couple of minutes.

Those minutes following the 34:20 mark show in graphic detail the shooting of Babbitt.

Another Video

Other Frames Seconds Before Babbitt Shot

Frames Seconds Before Babbitt Shot 1


Frames Seconds Before Babbitt Shot 2


Frames Seconds Before Babbitt Shot 3


Ann Coulter Chimes In

That's a reasonable, level-headed synopsis by Coulter even if one can debate a few points.

  1. Did the officer have to shoot? 
  2. Should one feel sorry for Ashli Babbitt?
  3. Should one feel sorry for the officer?

Regarding point one: The officer did not "have" to do it. But was he  reasonably justified in doing so in the heat of the moment? 

Regarding point two: Should one feel sorry for a criminal who is shot in an attack, smashing glass and beating down doors, attempting to break into a room in the capitol?


Regarding point three: Yes. This one is clear. The officer should not have been in the position he was placed in.

Excessive Force Going Nowhere

The excessive force investigation is by Trump's new Attorney General. It is going nowhere, nor should it. 

Have to Happen?

This did not "have" to happen. But it did.


Trump encouraged it. Rudy Giuliani and others fueled it. 

Be There, Be Wild

Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!” That was one of several Trump Tweets on December 19 promoting the day.

Placing the Blame

  1. Start with the perpetrators who broke into the capitol. Of course, that includes Ashli Babbitt.
  2. Second, blame Trump for promising a "wild" January 6. 
  3. Third, blame people like Rudy Giuliani and others who encouraged others to break the law then stood like goons on the sidelines letting others do their dirty work.

Chaotic Moments in the Capitol

  • “Nothing will stop us....they can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours....dark to light!” Babbitt tweeted the day before she died.
  • In another tweet, she called for Vice President Pence to resign and to be prosecuted for treason, presumably for not being supportive enough of Trump’s calls to overturn the election.
  • In the days before the shooting, Babbitt retweeted a number of messages from demonstrators headed to D.C. for the protests on Wednesday. One read: “It will be 1776 all over again.... only bigger and better.”

The above from Chaotic Moments in the Capitol

1776 Over Again

Feel sorry for Babbitt if you want, but she is no hero. She was part of a terrorist mob that broke into the capitol egged on by Trump. 

Antifa attacks in other cities may have fueled this counter-riot, but left-wing riots do not justify right-wing riots.

Sorry? For whom? For what? 


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