Clock About to Run Out

Joe Biden will become president on Wednesday, January 20. 

Meanwhile, Trump's lawyers make futile challenges. 

Key Dates

  • December 8: Safe Harbor Deadline: This is the date by which state governors must name the electors and certified the election results with the state’s official seal.
  • December 14: Electors Vote: By law, electors meet and vote on the Monday after the second Wednesday in December of presidential election years. This year the date is December 14.
  • December 23: Votes delivered to the Senate and the electors' job is over. 
  • January 6:  The Senate and House of Representatives will meet in joint session to count the electors’ votes and declare the winners. 
  • January 20: The President and Vice President named by Congress will be inaugurated.

Note that electors will be named on December 8. That is the date on which time expires. 

If you engage in fantasies, perhaps you believe time runs out on December 14 or later. 


Breaking Silliness

Breaking Pennsylvania

There are many similar Tweets as well as Tweets regarding voting machines in Georgia and other states.

Laugh at all of them.

Note that Alito gave Pennsylvania until December 9. That's an effective punt given the Safe Harbor Date is December 8.

On December 8, all of these cases will be moot. 


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