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Trump's Predictions 

  1. Very good third quarter
  2. Great fourth quarter
  3. One of our best ever years in 2021

Federal reserve is wrong. That is the truth, but Trump is certainly no better. 

Ironic Truth 


There is no one in bigger denial of who he is, what he has accomplished, and what he actually stands for that Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, we all have to suffer through it.

Trump Doubles Down on Stupidity

Yesterday, Trump Demands CNN Apologize for a Poll Showing Biden in the Lead.

What Do Other Polls Say?

Presidential Approval Polls June 12

Six different pollsters all say the same thing. 

Of course Trump supporters will say the polls were wrong in 2016. And they were, by about 2 percentage points not 11.

And it was vs. a despised Hillary, and it took a last second switch from Comey to boot. 

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T Minus 5 and Counting

OK there are still five months to go. 

But the deeper Trump sinks, the harder it will be for him to recover. 

What About Fox news?

Fox News Polls June 12

The four most recent Fox News Polls listed on FiveThirtyEight look like this:

  1. Biden +9 in Wisconsin
  2. Biden +2 in Ohio
  3. Biden +4 in arizona
  4. Democrat Kelly is a whopping +13 in the Arizona Senate race.

Republicans should be very worried about this: THOSE THAT DENY THEIR HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT!


A reader "MathGame" puts two and two together

"At least his quote explains his serial bankruptcies."

Swamp Drains Trump

Question of the Day

  • Did Trump drain the swamp?
  • Did the swamp drain Trump?
  • Is Trump the swamp?