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Please note Trump's admission: It's ‘hard to get to the Supreme Court’.

“The problem is it’s hard to get into the Supreme Court,” he told Fox News presenter Maria Bartiromo. “I’ve got the best Supreme Court advocates … lawyers that want to argue the case if it gets there. But they said it’s very hard to get a case up there.” 

“Can you imagine? Donald Trump, president of the United States, files a case and I probably can’t get a case … and we have tremendous proof … we have hundreds of hundreds of affidavits, sworn affidavits. And it’s very hard to get a case to the Supreme Court,” he said.

Dear President Trump

  1. Allegations of fraud and sworn affidavits do not constitute proof.
  2. Your lawyers dropped all claims of fraud. 
  3. If your lawyers refuse to claim fraud and refuse to provided evidence, what precisely do you want the Supreme Court to review? 
  4. The notion that you have the best lawyers is laughable. You are 0-35 in cases. 
  5. Your lawyers were effectively and unanimously rebuked by Appeals Court judges nominated by Republicans, one by you. 

Reasons Why the Supreme Court Won't Decide for Trump

  1. Election law is a state issue. Giuliani tried multiple times in multiple states to make federal law an issue. He failed in every attempt.
  2. Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada have all certified the election for Biden.
  3. Trump needs to succeed in not one case in one state, but in multiple cases in multiple states. The Supreme Court is likely to reject hearing cases on grounds they are moot. 
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I explained those points in detail yesterday in Why the Supreme Court Will Not Decide For Trump.

Supreme Court Reality "Partially" Sets In 

Perhaps the Court should take these absurd cases just to send Trump a unanimous message.

But even Trump admits it's unlikely for the court to take the case. 

This is where "partially" comes into play.

I highly doubt Trump's admission will stop delusional supporters afflicted with Trump Cult Syndrome (TCS) from thinking Trump will ultimately prevail in the Supreme Court or the state legislatures.