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Cash Crunch for Trump Campaign

The Financial Times reports Trump Retreats from Television Ads Amid Campaign Cash Crunch.

MSN reports Trump Money Crunch Limiting his Battleground Options.

Last month, Biden outraised President Trump in August by more than $150 million. That steep financial disparity heading into the critical, post-Labor Day period, combined with the Trump campaign’s heavy burn rate for several months previous, forced the cancellation of millions of dollars in battleground state ads. Biden countered with a major buy across television and digital platforms that went virtually uncontested in some crucial media markets.

“When you are being outspent, the key becomes training the resources you do have on the absolute crucial targets that still lead you to victory,” said Nick Everhart, a Republican media consultant in Ohio. “In a presidential race, that means not spreading spending thin and trying to keep pace everywhere but focusing it in on your absolute must-win states to hit 270.”

This month, Biden has dominated the president on the airwaves in Arizona, and Republicans say the GOP ticket is suffering there as a result.  “They were off the air for eight days in Arizona,” said a GOP operative who is monitoring the state. “It’s a big problem.”

"There’s one campaign that has a grassroots operation — and it’s Trump’s,” said Jeff Burton, a Republican strategist in Texas. “He’s knocking on 1 million doors a week. Biden is knocking on zero."

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Silent Majority Not Donating?

Is Trump's alleged the silent majority suddenly not donating?

I suggest the silent majority are donating. But they are Biden supporters, not Trump supporters.