Call Off the Recount

Dear President Trump

Your demand is physically impossible. 

Officials recount ballots, not signatures. They cannot do the latter.


  • Absentee voters sign the outside of the envelope, not the ballot. 
  • When the ballot is received, election officials compare signatures to the voter’s registration file. 
  • If the signatures match, the envelopes are then separated from the ballots to safeguard voters’ ballot choices. 
  • Election officials also verified signatures on paper applications for an absentee ballot.
  • There are no signatures to check because people do not sign ballots. Any other process would disclose how people voted.

Georgia Republicans Worried


Following Trump's Twitter attacks, Georgia Republicans Worry Trump Feud Could Hurt Key Senate Runoffs.

The Georgia Republican Party is beset with infighting, as leading Republicans in the state come under public attack from President Trump.

Trump spent the past few days on Twitter attacking top Georgia Republicans: Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Gov. Brian Kemp, both once considered allies of Mr. Trump.

Sens. Perdue and Loeffler last week took the extraordinary step of calling for fellow Republican Mr. Raffensperger to resign, alleging election mismanagement. They didn’t offer evidence for that assertion. Mr. Raffensperger wasn’t notified of the call until he saw a mass email sent to media outlets. He refused to resign.

An adviser to Mr. Raffensperger said Saturday that the secretary of state, a strong supporter of the president since 2016, was baffled by the attacks. Those who are attacking the election as corrupt are in “complete looneyville,” the adviser said.

Mr. Kemp, who faces reelection in 2022, narrowly won in 2018 over Democrat Stacey Abrams. Mr. Kemp was aided, in part, by campaign visits from Mr. Trump. After Mr. Kemp won, the president sent him a signed note congratulating him, written on a newspaper clipping about his victory.

Questions of the Day

How is it that Trump does not understand the ballot process? 

Or is it that Trump just does not give a damn?

New Career Opportunity


Karl Rove Blames Trump for Georgia Fisaco

Karl Rove blames Trump, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and Missouri Senator Josh Hawley for Republican Senate losses in Georgia.

Georgia Election: Black Votes Won the Day

Georgia had a record turnout for a special election. Overwhelming black support carried both Democratic Senate candidates to victory.