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Trump’s Challenge Is Over

Please consider the WSJ editorial Trump’s Challenge Is Over

Mr. Trump’s last legal gasp came Friday evening when the Supreme Court declined to hear the Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn the election results in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. As we predicted, the Court cited Texas’s lack of legal standing to challenge how another state manages its elections.

Some on the right claim that Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas dissented, but this is wrong. The Justices said they would have taken the Texas case as a “bill of complaint” when states sue other states.

The Supreme Court was thus unanimous. Let's discuss the key points the Journal made.

Key Points

  1. The Court made the right call, and it would be refreshing if the political left that has relentlessly attacked Mr. Trump’s judicial appointees as partisans admitted how wrong they’ve been.
  2. If anyone can sue without a cognizable injury and the possibility of remedy, the courts would be overwhelmed with frivolous claims.
  3. The spectacle of so many House Republicans endorsing the Texas suit is depressing, and they aren’t profiles in courage. But their critics would have more credibility if they hadn’t promoted the Russia “collusion” lies for four years and indulged Hillary Clinton’s claims to this day that the Russians elected Mr. Trump in 2016. This is one reason that tens of millions of Americans are inclined to believe Mr. Trump’s election claims despite the losses in court.
  4. None of this excuses Mr. Trump’s attempts to delegitimize Mr. Biden’s victory on Nov. 3. 
  5. There is no doubt that mass mail-in balloting led to more election problems, such as varying rules for signature verification in different Pennsylvania counties. But these irregularities do not add up to a stolen election in multiple states
  6. There’s no predicting how Mr. Trump will behave. Perhaps he will continue his “stolen” election claims past Jan. 20. Perhaps he can’t admit to himself that he lost. Perhaps he hopes to nurture resentment to run again in 2024.
  7. Bitterness as a political strategy rarely wears well.  If Republicans lose the Georgia Senate runoffs on Jan. 5, Mr. Trump will deserve much of the blame. 
  8. There’s a time to fight, and a time to concede. Mr. Trump has had his innumerable days in court and lost

The above points are all direct quotes from the WSJ editorial.

While it may be difficult in general to predict what Trump might do or say, I suspect this case is different.

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One Last Fleecing

Those afflicted with Trump Cult Syndrome demand that Trump never concede. And if he does concede, contributions (allegedly to fight these  court battles that even the WSJ understands are ridiculous) will stop flowing in.

The money is not for fighting election fraud, it is to raise money for Trump's other needs including tax evasion and a myriad of civil cases once his shield of presidency is gone. 

But hey, believe what you want, even these.

Those with TCS demand Trump fight on. So he will. Contributions depend on it. 

It's over. The electors have decided. 

However, The fleecing must continue even if it costs Republicans the Senate in Georgia.