Trump Proclaims a Win

Trump: "This is a fraud to the American public. This is a fraud on the nation. This is an embarrassment to our country.  We won this election."

Ben Shapiro Chimes in

"No, Trump has not already won the election, and it is deeply irresponsible for him to say he has."

Shapiro gained a lot of respect from me for that honest Tweet.

GOP Election Lawyer Chimes In

Let's Count Arizona, Nothing Else 

Fox News Chris Wallace Chimes In

"This goes back to what Biden said which is: The president does not get to say that he has won states , the American people get to say it," said Wallace.

"These states, by state law routinely are unable to count votes by election night. There is no question these states can continue to count votes for days."

Mike Pence


Rick Santorum

Chris Christie

Two Lies and a Strawman

Two Lies Plus an Absurd Strawman

No one cast any votes after the polls were closed. Counting them after the polls are closed is standard procedure.

Trump's proclamation of victory before the votes were counted are all you need as a reason to hope he lost no matter who you voted for.

President Trump is a fraud and an embarrassment to our country. 

My Most Likely Scenario Biden 308 Trump 230

I stayed up all night

Based on where remaining votes are this is my most likely scenario

Mish Most Likely Scenario Nov 4, 6 AM