A reported by Marketwatch , Trump spent Christmas eve blasting his enemies. I added some extra Tweets.

Trump Goes After FBI

Fake News

Hillary/FBI - December 23


Journalism is Dead - December 23

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Trump's Best Tweet Ever

President Trump's tweets are often confusing, contradictory, unintelligible, bragging, or contain factual errors. Here's a Tweet I endorse 100%.

Trump Surprise Tweet Restores Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

President Trump lashed out at Brazil and Argentina in a surprise Tweet today restoring metal tariffs.

Trump Says, Merry Christmas, Buy the Dip

Merry Christmas. Buy the Dip. Trump wants you to do what he says, not what he does.

Trump Accuses CNN of Purposeful Fake News "Fraud on American Public"

Yesterday, CNN corrected a story on Trump after getting its facts wrong. A barrage of Trump Tweets followed.

Trump's Constitutional Delusions Increase in Magnitude

Trump took to Twitter with a barrage of Tweets that are increasingly delusional if not outright dangerous.

Paying Down Christmas Debt: How Long Will It Take

Consumers splurged this Christmas. GDP will rise. Hooray. But how long will it take for consumers to pay off their debt?

Trump Says Coronavirus is a Hoax

President Trump made a fool out of himself proclaiming the Coronavirus is a Hoax.

Trump Destroyed Trump, Not the Media: “This Election is Over”

Dave Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s former budget director told Fox News the “Media Destroyed Trump” and “This Election is Over”

Trump Sides With Putin: Labels Former FBI Chief, Former CIA and Intel Directors "Political Hacks"

Trump came out swinging against former intelligence chiefs at the FBI, the CIA, and the National Intelligence office. Trump was heading to Hanoi, Vietnam after Friday’s Asia-Pacific Summit meeting, where he and Putin spoke informally.