Trump is correct. Having a good relationship with Russia would be a good thing. Russia can help.

Finally, if meddling in elections is such a bad thing, why doesn't the US stop?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock


Best Coronavirus Timeline Synopsis Ever Put Together

Here is a 1 minute 22 second video timeline of Trump's amazing handling of the coronavirus.

Trump Tweet Sends Oil Up 20% But Demand Prevails

Trump is Tweeting about oil, with many questions on the accuracy of his Tweets. But in the end, it's all about demand.

Trump Plays the Grinch in Christmas Eve Tweets

Trump lashes out at the Media and the FBI deputy director in a barrage of Christmas eve Tweets.

Trump Tweets "Trade Wars are Good and Easy to Win"

In one Tweet, Trump proves he understands neither trade math nor trading partner psychology.

Trump Hails "Single Greatest Agreement Ever Signed"

At the last possible moment, Trump made a deal with Canada. NAFTA is gone and USMCA is in.

Pence is in the Limelight as Trump Increases Pressure

Trump increased pressure on Mike Pence, his vice president with a series of statements and Tweets.

Trump Surprise Tweet Restores Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

President Trump lashed out at Brazil and Argentina in a surprise Tweet today restoring metal tariffs.

Dear President Trump: Stop Tweeting and Do What You Want

Supposedly we are close to a deal then we aren't. And not just with China. President Trump, please make up your mind.

Tweets and Videos of the Day: Facebook, Cash, Trump, Tesla, FANGs

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