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When I first saw this hoax comment, I thought someone took Trump out of context. But no, it's real.

President Trump made a fool out of himself proclaiming the Coronavirus is a Hoax.

President Donald Trump on Friday night tried to cast the global outbreak of the coronavirus as a liberal conspiracy intended to undermine his first term, lumping it alongside impeachment and the Mueller investigation.

He blamed the press for acting hysterically about the virus, which has now spread to China, Japan, South Korea, Iran, Italy and the U.S, and he downplayed its dangers, saying against expert opinion it was on par with the flu.

“The Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus. They're politicizing it,” he said. “They don't have any clue. They can't even count their votes in Iowa. No, they can't. They can't count their votes. One of my people came up to me and said, ‘Mr. President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia.’ That did not work out too well. They could not do it. They tried the impeachment hoax.”

Then Trump called the coronavirus “their new hoax.”

After Trump had downplayed the risks of coronavirus, he reassured supporters that the White House was “magnificently organized” in fighting it. In fact, Trump’s administration spent the week jockeying among themselves to lead the response, while the stock market tumbled with losses not seen since the global financial crisis in 2008.

Community Spread in the US

At roughly the 3:50 mark Trump says "This is the new hoax. We have lost nobody to coronavirus in the united states*. The Press is in hysteria mode.*"

The entire video is worth a play. It discusses a three day school closure in Washington State as a high school kid contracted the disease in an unknown fashion. They are disinfecting the school. Details below.

Coronavirus Global Update

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3 New US Cases

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  • 1 in Washington State: a 18-year-old student from Jackson High School in Mill Creek with no travel history to an outbreak area who on Feb. 24 had body aches, chills and a headache. After feeling better, he returned to school, before test results came out on Feb. 28. The school will be closed for a few days of deep disinfecting.
  • 1 in Washington State: a woman in her 50s with confirmed travel to Daegu, South Korea.
  • 1 in Oregon

239 New Cases in Europe

  • 239 new cases and 8 new deaths in Italy. Among the 1,049 active cases, 401 (38%) are hospitalized, and 105 (10%) are in intensive care. Among the 79 closed cases, 50 (63%) have recovered, 29 (37%) have died.
  • 8 new cases in Norway, bringing the total to 15 in the country. Among the new cases, 4 are in Bergen and 3 are employees of the Ullevål University Hospital in Oslo. The authorities know the source of contagion for all 15 cases which are all linked to outbreaks abroad. [source]
  • 10 new cases in Switzerland
  • 16 new cases in France including 3 health workers at the Tenon Hospital in Paris who were contaminated by a patient who is in intensive care since Feb. 21.
  • “All public gatherings of more than 5,000 people in a confined space are temporarily banned across France,” Health Minister Olivier Veran told journalists. The Paris half-marathon scheduled for Sunday, March 1 has been cancelled as a consequence.
  • 5 new cases in Germany. The German government announced that travelers arriving from South Korea, Japan, Italy and Iran must declare their health status upon arrival. Passengers from China were already required to do so. [Declaring health status. how totally useless]


  • 205 new cases and 9 deaths in Iran.
  • 5 Iran parliament members have so far tested positive for the virus. Azerbaijan closes the border with Iran over coronavirus concerns.


  • 813 new cases and 1 new death in South Korea.
  • 1 new case in Thailand.
  • 5 new cases in Taiwan.
  • 8 new cases in Japan.

The above details from Worldometers.


Let's not mince words. Even if the virus were to vanish into oblivion tomorrow, Trump is truly a moron to label this a hoax.

And by the way we now have a US death.

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Mike "Mish" Shedlock