The New York Post reports ‘Political Hacks’: Trump Sides With Putin Over US Intel Chiefs.

“They’re political hacks,” Trump said of the former CIA director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and former FBI chief James Comey, who have said that the evidence of Russian meddling is clear.

“You have Brennan, you have Clapper and you have Comey. Comey’s proven now to be a liar and he’s proven to be a leaker. So you look at that,” Trump said. “And you have President Putin very strongly, vehemently says he had nothing to do with that.”

“Well, look, I can’t stand there and argue with him,” Trump said. “I would rather have him get out of Syria, to be honest with you. I would rather … get to work with him on the Ukraine rather than standing and arguing about whether or not— because that whole thing was set up by the Democrats.”

“Having a relationship with Russia would be a great thing—not a good thing, it would be a great thing,” he said.

Add Hillary to the list and here's the question of the day: Is there any particular reason to believe any of them?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock


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