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Call Off the Election

If you thought Trump Tweets could not possibly get more ridiculous, you thought wrong.

There is no provision for anyone to "call off  the election" at least in the US.

Trump's demands are third-world dictator stuff.

Georgia Governor Responds

Please consider this Statement by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

“Georgia law prohibits the Governor from interfering in elections. The Secretary of State, who is an elected constitutional officer, has oversight over elections that cannot be overridden by executive order. As the Governor has said repeatedly, he will continue to follow the law and encourage the Secretary of State to take reasonable steps - including a sample audit of signatures - to restore trust and address serious issues that have been raised.”

Signature Nonsense

The National Review explains.

Once again, every signature of every absentee voter in Georgia was checked twice. When a registered voter requests an absentee ballot, the signature on the ballot request is compared to the signature on the voter-registration card. Then, when the absentee ballot arrives to the county clerk, the signature on the absentee ballot oath envelope is compared a second time to the signature on the voter registration card and to the signature on the absentee-ballot request.

The consent decree signed earlier this year requires Georgia election officials to consult with their peers on mismatching signatures, to ensure one official isn’t making subjective assessments of a signature match. “A mail-in absentee ballot shall not be rejected unless a majority of the registrars, deputy registrars, or absentee ballot clerks reviewing the signature agree that the signature does not match any of the voter’s signatures on file in eNet or on the absentee ballot application.

The Georgia state constitution states, “Elections by the people shall be by secret ballot and shall be conducted in accordance with procedures provided by law.” Thus, once a ballot is determined to be valid, it is separated from the envelope with the signature: “Once an election worker counting votes opens your envelope and takes out your ballot, there is no way to re-connect them.

Yet, the same BS claims happen over and over and over. 

Barr Says No Evidence of Widespread Fraud

Attorney General William Barr says No Evidence of Widespread Voter Fraud in Election.

“To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election,” Mr. Barr told the AP.

There’s been one assertion that would be systemic fraud and that would be the claim that machines were programmed essentially to skew the election results,” Mr. Barr told the AP. The Justice Department has “looked into that, and so far, we haven’t seen anything to substantiate that.”

Please note the Attorney General is a cabinet level position appointed by the president.

Trump’s Fraud Claims Hit a Barr

The Wall Street Journal editorial board comments Trump’s Fraud Claims Hit a Barr.

Bill Barr can take the heat, and on Tuesday the stalwart Attorney General guaranteed he’ll get it when he said “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”

“We won the election easily,” Mr. Trump said Sunday. He later added: “It’s not like you’re going to change my mind.” But where’s the hard evidence to convince the country? Many of the theories floating around don’t withstand scrutiny.

Ballot Dumps: Mr. Trump complained in a tweet that Joe Biden got “a dump of 143,379 votes at 3:42AM.” But the explanation is prosaic: Contemporaneous reporting says this is when Milwaukee’s central counting location finished with roughly 170,000 mail ballots. They included votes for both candidates but broke heavily for Mr. Biden.

Wisconsin law doesn’t let counties process absentee ballots until Election Day. The margin in Milwaukee County doesn’t look crazy: Mr. Biden won 69% to 29%, compared with Hillary Clinton’s victory of 65% to 29%.

The same goes for Michigan, which reported a similar batch of ballots in the wee hours of Nov. 4. But again the margins aren’t wild: Mr. Biden won there 68% to 30%, compared with Mrs. Clinton’s 67% to 29%. As a share of Michigan overall, Wayne County fell to 15.8%, from 16.2%.

Vote Totals: “I got 74 million votes, the largest in the history of a sitting president,” Mr. Trump said Sunday. It’s 11 million more than in 2016. Yet he lost to Mr. Biden, who Mr. Trump said “did not get 16 million more votes than Barack Hussein Obama.”

What’s unbelievable? The electorate grows. Since 2012, the voting-eligible population has risen by 17 million, according to estimates by the U.S. Elections Project. Turnout in 2020 was historic, helped by expanded absentee voting. If enthusiasm was also high, perhaps it’s because Donald Trump has been a polarizing President and drove Democratic as well as Republican turnout. As for the failure of bellwether states, they’re predictive until they’re not. Florida and Ohio have trended red for years.

Poll Watchers: Judges have dismissed affidavits submitted by the Trump camp as “rife with speculation and guess-work” and “inadmissible as hearsay.” Other claims made in public circulate largely without being tested. A poll watcher from Delaware County, Pa., alleged last week, without giving any evidence, that 47 USB cards used in the election “are missing, and they’re nowhere to be found.” Where’s the proof? 

Dominion: On Sunday, Mr. Trump called Dominion voting systems, used in dozens of states, “garbage machinery.” But the totals from Georgia’s hand recount closely matched the results from its scanners. How does Mr. Trump explain that? In an op-ed for these pages, Dominion’s CEO denied the “bizarre” claim that his company is tied to Hugo Chávez. Third-party labs, he said, “perform complete source-code reviews on every federally certified tabulation system.”


The Wall Street Journal goes to say "Fighting such claims is like whack-a-mole. No, Pennsylvania didn’t count more mail votes than it sent out. No, Wisconsin didn’t have 89% turnout. No, several states didn’t simultaneously quit counting ballots on election night. No, ballots in Arizona filled out with Sharpie markers weren’t discounted."

This is precisely what I discussed yesterday. 

It's Easy Debunking Idiocy, the Problem is It Never Stops

Please consider or re-read what I said yesterday It's Easy Debunking Idiocy, the Problem is It Never Stops.

I made the same rebuttal as the WSJ and the National Review.

The Journal came up with another easy to understand explanation of turnout: Since 2012, the voting-eligible population has risen by 17 million.

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Yet, alleged statistical wizards spout turnout for Biden was statistically impossible. 

The article I rebutted made the nonsensical claim "every single black person in Detroit, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee apparently voted for Biden."

No, that did not happen. And as the Journal and I both noted these pro-Biden dumps were expected, in advance. It would have been amazing if it did not happen, not amazing that it did.

To explain why Trump got less votes than Republicans in general, I made the claim "Voters on average were sick of Trump, but were rightfully fearful of what AOC and Warren policies might occur if Democrats won the whole shebang." 

The Journal noted "If enthusiasm was also high, perhaps it’s because Donald Trump has been a polarizing President and drove Democratic as well as Republican turnout."

The Election Trump Wanted

Trump got the election he wanted.

He ran a divisive, xenophobic, narcissistic, derogatory campaign.  He turned the election into a referendum on him.

Guess, what? 

A majority of people in the right states said they have had enough of Trump.

Occam's Razor

Rather than accept the obvious, Trump supporters are willing to believe any combination of stories, no matter how ridiculous.

Fans of Occam's Razor here is your choice.

  1. Biden Won
  2. Trump was robbed by a combination of Dominion theft, a collusion between Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Fox News, vote subtraction in Virginia, statistical impossibilities, late ballots, and a Republican Secretary of State in Georgia gone mad, all of the above without a shred of evidence, and Trump unwilling to tell the court there was any fraud! 

Trump Cult Syndrome (TCS)

Let's conclude with a simple idea.

  • If Trump had any real evidence of fraud, he would have presented it in a court of law long ago.
  • Because Trump has no shred of evidence, he presents the case in the court of public opinion rather than a court of law.

This is all very easy to see unless one is blinded by TCS.

Today, even Trump's Attorney General and the Wall Street Journal debunk Trump's claims. 


Trump blatantly asked the Georgia governor to do something illegal.

Call off the election? How? Under what authority? 

Most Republicans are silent but some are even supportive as is everyone afflicted with TCS.

Addendum: OJ Comparison