When the Votes are Counted, Biden Will Win

Most Likely Outcome

I am sticking with the map I posted early this morning.

Mish Most Likely Scenario Nov 4, 6 AM

Michigan and Wisconsin are in Biden's column. 

The AP has called AZ for Biden and that would seal the fate. Some question the AZ call. 

If Arizona does flip, then Biden needs Georgia or Pennsylvania. 

It would take an enormous parlay for Trump to flip this. 


"Stop the Count"

Amazingingly, Trumpian fools today chant "Stop the Count"

If the vote counting stopped now, Biden would be the official winner.

What Trump supporters need is for the vote counting to stop in Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania coupled with continued and favorable counting in Arizona despite the fact the state has been called for Biden.

Update on Pennsylvania 

Trump is a Fraud and a Disgrace to the United States

Trump prematurely declared and now desperately needs a count in Arizona to go his way. 

I repeat, Trump is a Fraud and a Disgrace to the United States