What's Trump's next act? This Act is Over. 

In a fatal blow to Trump, Pennsylvania, Nevada Certify Biden Election Win

  1. Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar certified Biden’s 80,555-vote victory in Pennsylvania, which was announced in tweet by Democratic Governor Tom Wolf.
  2. Nevada’s Supreme Court also certified the state’s results on Tuesday and Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak will issue a proclamation declaring the winner of the state’s six Electoral College votes.
  3. Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani has said the case should be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, which has a 6-3 conservative majority. Trump has said his goal is to “decertify” the state’s results one way or another.

"Universal" Realization It's Over

The Wall Street Journal reports After Setbacks, Trump Looks Beyond Legal Fight

Privately, even the few advisers to the president who had argued he still had a shot over the last week now largely concede he has no path to victory, aides say. 

There is “universal realization” among White House staff, said another person close to the administration: “It’s over.”

Administration officials say, the president’s focus appears to have broadened. In private conversations, he has polled advisers on what he should do next, musing about how he can stay relevant in the media and in the Republican Party and how he can earn money.

He has repeatedly expressed interest in running for president again in 2024, which some advisers have urged him to do as a way to save face, telling him he can decide whether to follow through later.

While there are just a handful of people left urging the president to keep up the legal fight—among them, Mr. Giuliani—there are equally few people telling him to end it, administration officials and people close to the White House say.

Everybody’s trying to straddle the fence and avoid him flipping out,” said one official.

Meaning of "Universal" 

"Universal realization" were the words of the White House staff according to the Wall Street Journal. 

Some will question the statement. But that is much like the Flat Earth Society denying the world is round. 

There is always a group of deniers of nearly anything. 

Fact Check #1 


Fact Check #2

Getting to the Bottom of Things

What About the Supreme Court?

Some delusional fans still believe the Supreme Court will decide this. 

It won't. 

And as I suggested all along, the Supreme Court is unlikely to even hear most of these cases if any at all.

The Third Circuit did allow late arriving ballots to be counted. That can be appealed to the Supreme Court and, if the Court hears it, perhaps it would reverse the Third Circuit. 

But the Supreme Court might not step in on the basis that the controversy does not make a difference in the ultimate result. 

Denial of Writ of Certiorari 

What I describe above is called denial of writ of certiorari because the case is moot, that is, the Supreme Court will refuse to take the case because decision will make no difference in the outcome of the election.

Given that Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada have all certified Biden as winner, it is increasingly likely none of these cases ever get heard by the Supreme Court.